BrandNoonan Gift Giveaway

Are you looking for a personalized, colorful, special gift for a new baby? Look no further than BrandNoonan, an Etsy shop based in Burlington. BrandNoonan offers custom art pieces that will be a cherished forever as well as nursery decor.


BrandNoonan owner Amy Noonan tells us that she started this company after looking for and not finding modern and bold nursery decor for her son. She taught herself to sew and hasn’t stopped. Some of her items were first gifts to friends and after they were so well received, and with a little friendly encouraging, they made their way into the shop.

20121210-KID 0405-46

Personalized burp cloths are my go-to gift for new babies. My mom would always put a “burpie” into a baby’s arms to hold as she rocked them to sleep. My children now have burpies as loveys. Amy starts with a soft and cuddly burp cloth. The decorative fabrics that Amy uses are bright and eye catching. You can choose your font and what you want to include on your burpie. Check out the full variety of burp cloths here.


Amy also makes personalized Easter basket liners, crayon roll ups, and changing pad covers. I love all of these unique gifts. Add a crayon roll up to your order for older siblings. They are an easy way to bring fun with you where ever you go.


The biggest seller at BrandNoonan is custom birth poster. Amy tells us: “In February of 2011, one of my dear friends gave birth to a baby girl and I wanted to give her something really special. I designed my first official custom birth poster to give to her. When she opened it, her eyes welled up with tears and told me she would cherish it always. I knew right then that I found something really unique.”

IMG_3742    IMG_3746

I worked with Amy to create a poster for my daughter. I was able to choose what colors I wanted to use and what information I wanted on the poster. Amy and I emailed back and forth until the poster was perfect. I am very happy with the end result!


I was excited and emotional to receive my poster in the mail. It showed the details of one of the best days of my life and with that comes precious memories. Of course this is Amy’s best seller. It’s a wonderful keepsake and gift.


BrandNoonan offers more than just birth posters. I told Amy that the theme of our nursery was birds and within the hour she sent me a link to the poster above. Also find alphabet and number posters!

Amy has shipped items to almost every state and a half dozen countries around the world. Her work is high quality and people come back for more and more.

See details below on how YOU can win a poster from Amy. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us Amy!


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The LUCKY winner of this giveaway is he4walks@. Congratulations! Check your email.


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