Vermont Applesauce Giveaway


Carefully, and artfully packed in a burlap bag, look what just arrived – Vermont Village Applesauce! What a great presentation and what wonderful applesauce! Let me tell you more…

Vermont Village Applesauce began in 1977. They set forth to gather local apples and preserve them in the most wholesome way possible. Their (original unsweetened) applesauce has nothing added. No water, no sugar. It’s made purely from apples, and every bit of the apple. They leave the skins on and include the core. Andrew Lawrence, Director of Marketing, explains why: This process provides added nutrients and flavor that conventional mass produced applesauce can’t match.


I asked Andrew where Vermont Village Applesauce sources their apples. His response: Our primary sources of apples in Vermont are Sunrise Orchards and Ray Allen Orchards. This year has seen a bumper crop of apples here in Vermont and we are doing our best to collect as much fruit from our farmers as possible.

IMG_1760  IMG_1706

I gave my five year old a cup of unsweetened applesauce and asked him if it was tart. He replied: “No, not tart at all. SO sweet!” Because Vermont Village Applesauce uses the whole apple and apples picked at the peak of their season of course the applesauce is sweet! I like that this product is so pure, all natural, and organic.

IMG_1761   IMG_1766

The sharp and strong apples mixed with the sweet mix of berries creates a perfect balance in the Mixed Berry Applesauce. With the addition of the berries we called this “fruit sauce” rather than applesauce.


Maple Syrup Applesauce is so very Vermonty! They’ve added just a bit of pure Vermont maple syrup to sweeten this sauce. This was my favorite applesauce as it was not only a filling snack but it satisfied my sweet tooth as well.


Most of the Vermont Village products come in 4oz cups and 24oz jars. I am excited to share the following news from Vermont Village Applesauce: “We’re proud to announce the newest item in our family, Applesauce pouches. We’ve taken our two best selling flavors and put them in BPA free 4oz pouches.  We’re excited to help on-the-go families and athletes stay nourished with organic snacks. They’re available from a limited amount of retailers now, with a broader roll-out planned to happen before the Holidays begin.”


Here is one more important note from Andrew on the core values of Vermont Village Applesauce: “We exist only to provide healthy, delicious food, to sustain the local growers and the land they grow their fruit on.


Find Vermont Village Applesauce at Hannaford’s, Shaw’s, Market Basket, Price Chopper, or your neighborhood coop/market.

Enter below to win a gift from Vermont Village Applesauce!

ENTER HERE: a Rafflecopter giveaway

Happy Apple Season Vermont!

PS: I had to take my pictures very quickly as my trusty helper was ready to taste test!




November 12th at midnight  – This giveaway is now closed. Please visit our homepage to find our current giveaways and LIKE us on Facebook for real time updates.

The LUCKY winners of this giveaway are carolynlozen67@, carey_bunker@, mrndpaquette@.  Congratulations! Check your email.


22 thoughts on “Vermont Applesauce Giveaway

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  4. The mixed berry is definitely my favorite, but I haven’t tried the maple one yet. I would absolutely love to! And did I see a cranberry one?

  5. My grandson loooooves the maple syrup applesauce! It’s the one he chooses when we shop!! He is 5 yrs old and knows what he likes ;)!!

  6. my kids will eat any kind of applesauce – even “homemade with really tart apples and i forgot to add the sugar” applesauce. i’m sure they would LOVE any of these flavors!

  7. This is my favorite applesauce!!! I am ever so slightly partial to the maple syrup applesauce with the berry as a very close second!! Yumm!!

  8. The Maply Syrup applesauce would be a HUGE hit in my home. I will definitely be trying some of that, but would love to win some too!!

  9. Your product is just the kind of applesauce I love. The texture, consistency and taste resembles my own homemade applesauce Thanks for sharing this product on Try VT First!

  10. I will be trying the organic applesauce sweetened with Vermont maple syrup. I make my own organic applesauce with apples from the tree in our front yard. I, too, use the entire apple for the added nutrition and flavor. Now that apple season is over I’m thrilled that I can buy Vt. Village applesauce locally all year! Awesome giveaway!

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