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Feel that chill in the air? You know what it brings, right? Chapped lips, cracked hands, and stuffy noses. Healing Earth Vermont Herbals has a product for each of these ailments, and they want to share them with you! Owner Cathleen Branon-Keogh from Fairfax tells us a bit about the start up of her business: “I started studying Herbalism as a way to care for my children with more natural, healthy products. Everyone liked the salves so much they suggested I sell them. I started out at craft fairs and Farmer’s Markets and it has just grown since. I love to help other people.”

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I love hand salves and tend to have one next to my bed, one in the kitchen, and one in my car. The Healing Salve from Healing Earth VT Herbals gently softens skin (and lips!). The ingredients include beeswax, chamomile, echinacea root., sage,  vitamin E, and essential oils of lavender. After washing dishes, or washing kids I put a generous amount of this salve into my hands and rub. This helps to prevent overly dry and cracked hands. Cathleen also sells eczema and arthritis salves.

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In addition to salves in many rooms of my house I also have a lip balm. My son quickly found that he really liked the Chocolate Mint lip balm and took off with it. I can’t blame him. It smells great! My favorites were the two orange lip balms. My lips are never dry when I use these lip balms. Cathleen also makes a cold sore balm to help reduce inflammation and shorten the life of the sore.

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The products above live in my children’s bathroom. They have proven themselves time and time again! When my children have a cold and are (miserably) congested I apply a bit of the Sinus & Chest Rub to their chest and feet and they rest much more easily. The eucalyptus and lavender oils work together to create a calming sensation as well as open nasal passages. This product is not just for kids. I use it too! If you need to sore achy muscles try the Aches Away oil.

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Cathleen also told us “Our products never cease to amaze me, over and over again. I hear every week from someone who is so grateful they tried one of our balms or oils because it made their life better. ” Cathleen was recently interviewed for a “Made in Vermont” segment on WCAX. You can watch the video here. It’s inspiring to hear Cathleen talk about the positive energy she puts into her products. For each product that I have tried or learn more about I think of a person in my life who would benefit from it. With the holidays right around the corner, and more babies expected on our family, I know that I will be stocking up on Healing Earth products. You can find Cathleen’s products in most health food stores in Vermont as well as Vermont product stores, plus some local pharmacies.

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Now it’s time for YOU to be amazed! ENTER HERE to win the gift bag shown above with four different products from Healing Earth Vermont Herbals.

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October 14th – 9PM – This giveaway is now closed. Please visit our homepage to find our current giveaways and LIKE us on Facebook for real time updates.

The LUCKY winner of this giveaway is mattyoung@. Congratulations! Check your email.


27 thoughts on “Healing Earth Giveaway

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  3. So many I’d like to try. I’ll go with healing salve, given my hands are starting to get cranky with the colder weather.

  4. i shared ur link on my facebook to get the word out and asked people to help u out to enter the sweepstakes and all. Love u cathleen

  5. The Arthritis salve sounds wonderful would love to try it. Recently developed arthritis do not want to take meds. The orange lip balms also sound great. Best wishes for your business becoming well known.

  6. I would love to try the orange shimmer lip balm or the healing salve. I just love natural products…having allergies to formaldehyde (a common preservative in beauty products) limits the things I can use on my skin :/

  7. I’d love to try the orange lip balm. I hike w/my dog daily, regardless of the weather. I always keep a lip balm in my pocket to keep my lips from getting dry and chapped. Love that these are herbal and natural!

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