Bonjour Baby Photography Giveaway!

Almost a year ago I met Karine Johannesen from Bonjour Baby. I saw her beautiful photography on display at an expo and immediately wanted to meet her. I was dazzled by her talent and ability to photograph newborns. With no plans of having another newborn I didn’t think that I would see Karine again. I liked Bonjour Baby on Facebook and enjoyed looking at Vermont’s newest residents. Upon seeing that Karine also photographs families I knew that I wanted to work with her.

Karine is a software engineer who works from home. Her photography business opened in August of 2012. Being that Karine is also a mom of two kids she is very, very busy. She also makes most of her own props. Karine is a self taught photographer. “I purchased my first real camera 2 years ago and I’ve used it just about every day since. I love newborns (who doesn’t), love editing pictures, love capturing memories and love making props so if you put all these things together it was only natural to become passionate about newborn photography. It may also be the only way I won’t have a dozen kids! I get my baby fix on a weekly basis! I love newborns and wish they stayed that way for much longer.”

Ready to see some of the cutest newborns in Vermont? Copyrights to Bonjour Baby:

579497_528540600516132_56369072_n 540037_483131001723759_204613743_n522302_447422538627939_1241300539_n

395137_449771308393062_1167957718_n 59286_548049931898532_2029009333_n

A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E!!!!!!!!!!! Look at the babies. Look at the props. Look at the amazing photographs. Karine is so creative!

I asked Karine what her favorite prop is that she has made. She told me: “My favorite all time prop is the sunflower hat I made myself and my favorite and easiest baby ever was the one who modeled that hat for the first time. Her name was Baylee. I always loved sunflowers for some reason, they make me happy and therefore that picture brings a smile each time I look at it. I had a hard time making the sunflower hat and to see it worn so beautifully is a reminder that hard work pays off. I’ve worked hard to be where I am today as a photography… countless hours and many free sessions!”

Here is Baylee in her sunflower hat:


When Karine and I talked about what she wanted readers to know she said: “I want the readers to know, especially expectant parents, how true it is that we quickly forget the small details about our newborns. We don’t realize how true that is until it’s too late. Those little toes, chubby cheeks, hairy shoulders, birthmarks, umbilical cord … There is a dramatic difference between a fresh newborn and a 3 week old baby. I also want them to know how passionate I am about newborn photography, how much I don’t count the hours I spend making props, planning a unique session, sweating through a session, cleaning up after a session, editing pictures, and communicating with the parents before and after the session.”

Enjoy more of Karine’s photographs:

947029_524708507566008_1306248313_n1010560_536706719699520_2040591440_n  223184_432198756816984_204257374_n

I have thanked Karine for the wonderful session with my family, I will thank her here (THANK YOU) and I will continue to thank her. Karine was open to all of my suggestions, including photographing my family at our home. She emailed me often, was professional, and was generally happy to work with my family.

I want to share my favorite photo of all time. I was so happy that Karine was open to the idea of traveling down the road from my house, to a field overlooking the mountains. We brought along my grandmother’s handmade quilt a few favorite books. What we got was a perfect snapshot of me and my kids and how we are happiest together.


I love it. I love the lighting, the mountains, the focus. I love it all. It’s such a special photo keepsake for my children. And not to seem selfish, but I love it because I am in the photo, which is rare!

Here are more photos from our session with Karine:

E-DSC_1311    E-DSC_1361

These are not your average everyday super posed photos. They are perfect snapshots of my kids right at this moment.


Us. At home. Together. Happy. Perfect.

THANK YOU again to Karine for capturing my family.

And now…. Karine would like to capture YOUR family! **ENTER HERE** to win a photo session with Karine! Be sure to LIKE Bonjour Baby on Facebook page to stay up to date on everything she is doing, and to see more of Vermont’s cutest babies and kids!


Last one:




October 3rd – 9PM – This giveaway is now closed. Please visit our homepage to find our current giveaways and LIKE us on Facebook for real time updates.

The LUCKY winner of this giveaway is jillcourt@. Congratulations! Check your email.


5 thoughts on “Bonjour Baby Photography Giveaway!

  1. Karine has taking a lot of my son and I love all her pictures she is truly amazing can’t wait till my niece has her baby so she can take her pictures she the best at what she does

  2. Love, love, love Karine’s work. I am still in awe of the 4 hours she devoted to photographing my newborn twins-all because she simply wanted to for her own pleasure and love of babies. She truly is a gem and her work is outstanding! As I have said to her…I would have more babies just to be able to have her photograph them!

  3. We just did our newborn session with Karine. She was so friendly and helpful. She e-mails any questions you ask super fast. I didn’t have a very cooperative newborn. Of course he wanted to stay awake. Karine took her time with him though and even though it took forever with him lol, still gave me some of the greatest pics I have ever seen. We were so happy with our experience.

  4. As yay! My cutie is in one of those pics!! Karine has already done a ton for me so I won’t enter. But I just wanted to say that she is awesome and you will be so happy to have worked with her whether you win a session or buy one.

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