Nutty Hazel Giveaway


It’s been said that I have a small large obsession wtih Vermont Peanut Butter. It’s true. So true in fact that I have a whole VTPB cupboard in my kitchen. That’s also true:


In my Vermont Peanut Butter cupboard I have Creamy, BEE-Nut, Maple Walnut (my favorite), Green Mountain Goodness (my son’s favorite), and Champlain Cherry. This week I added the latest creation from Vermont Peanut Butter: Nutty Hazel.


I asked Chris Kaiser, from VTPB how and why they decided to make a hazelnut spread. He told us: “We wanted to keep it simple.   We are the ONLY hazelnut spread to include over 75% hazelnuts.  Most others are only either 30% or 65% and the rest is filler etc.    We want readers to know that this delicious recipe has been growing in popularity for numerous years, and it was time Vermont’s one and only peanut butter company designed a better one”.


Nutty Hazel is SO perfectly made. Here is the ingredient list: dry roasted hazelnuts, dark chocolate, hazelnut extract, sea salt. You can compare it here with another hazelnut spread for yourself.

Do you love rich, nutty, earthy, chocolate greatness? Nutty Hazel is all of these and more. It is beyond rich. A little goes a long way to make something extra special. It’s also incredibly versatile. For me it’s a great post work out pick me up and treat. It would also be great on fresh Vermont apples. Use Nutty Hazel to top ice cream! Put it on pancakes! Just grab a spoon.


ENTER HERE to win a jar of Nutty Hazel! Be sure to LIKE Vermont Peanut Butter on Facebook to thank them for hosting this giveaway! If you would like to order a jar contact Vermont Peanut Butter today:!


September 27th – 9PM – This giveaway is now closed. Please visit our homepage to find our current giveaways and LIKE us on Facebook for real time updates.

The LUCKY winner of this giveaway is mrndpaquette@. Congratulations! Check your email.


18 thoughts on “Nutty Hazel Giveaway

  1. I love peanut butter. Have never tried Vermont Peanut Butter… their flavors sound amazing! I’d love something with maple, i think… or chocolate ones… chocolate and peanut butter are the best!

  2. I have been watching VTPB come up with new flavors from a distance on FB and desperately hope that someday I will get a chance to actually try them here in Maine!

  3. sounds delicious. can’t wait to replace my current hazelnut spread of choice (which is mostly sugar and other things, but still yummy) with this one. VT made, quality ingredients – couldn’t ask for much more!

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