Keeping Things Spicy with Benito’s – Giveaway

If you have followed Try Vermont First for awhile then you will know that I like spicy foods. I crave spicy foods. Benito’s Hot Sauce, made locally in Montpelier, fulfills my craving for great tasting and well made hot sauce.
Benito’s founder Ben Maniscalco started making hot sauces as a summer hobby while he wasn’t teaching. Six years later he is putting out a great variety of sauces including those infused with Vermont maple syrup (from Underhill), a mango-habanero sauce, and what Ben calls “Old Coy Dog” that promises intense and overwhelming heat. Ben is committed to using as many local ingredients as possible including my favorite ingredient – Cilantro, from Cate Farm in Plainfield, VT.
Ben gave us a bottle of his award winning Benito’s Original Naranja sauce. Initially you are hit with sweetness from the carrots, bell peppers, and orange juice and incredible heat from the Vermont grown Harbanero peppers. While the heat packs a punch at the start, it slowly fades away and you are able to continue with your meal. This is not a “kick you in the bottom/must find water/can’t eat another bite” hot sauce. This is a great tasting sauce with enough heat for those of us that need a little something more than an average sauce might give you.
What did we put this hot sauce on? Everything! Tacos, pizza, shepard’s pie, burgers, and more! I add a lot, my husband adds a little less, and we each have the perfect amount of added heat to our meal.


I asked Ben what his favorite sauce is and he told me: “My favorite is a new seasonal blend called the “Local Tang”. It is a three chile blend of rocotillo, Chinese paper lantern and fatali (aka devil’s tongue) chiles all grown organically at Half Pint Farm in Burlington, VT. Unfortunately, the farm had some minor flooding this summer which caused them to lose some chile pepper plants. Therefore, we may not be making this one for another year :(.”

ENTER HERE to win a bottle of Benito’s hot sauce. Ben would really like your Facebook LIKE and we hope that you will share a LIKE with him to thank him for hosting this giveaway. Find Benito’s in over 100 Vermont stores and each Saturday at the Burlington Farmer’s Market and Tuesdays at the Vermont
Farmers’ Market in Rutland.
Keep life HOT!

August 26, 2013 – 9PM – This giveaway is now closed. Please visit our homepage to find our current giveaways and LIKE us on Facebook for real time updates.

The LUCKY winners of this giveaway are dnellie312@ & short_cake331@. Congratulations! Check your email.


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