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That’s it. That’s all you need to know while seeing how beautiful they are.

Okay… we will share more information!

Darn Tough Socks is located in Northfield, VT. Over 30 years ago the Cabot family bought the Cabot Hoisery Mill in Northfield and began making socks. Darn Tough Socks were introduced in 2004 after a year of testing and perfecting the design and style. The goal was to make a high quality and functional sock for all seasons.


Here are a few specifics from and about Darn Tough Socks: “Darn Tough socks start with fine gauge Merino wool. The socks are produced with high-density knitting; more knit stitches per inch result in durability and cushioning without added bulk.  Starting with a ribbed ankle for superior fitting, the creation process moves through a sculpted heel, an elastic support knit in the arch, and finally, a reinforced toebox. Darn Tough socks are made with the highest grade of shrink-treated Merino wool, and/or with a unique Coolmax® blend.  This results in comfortable, durable socks that offer superior moisture management.”


All Darn Tough Socks are designed, manufactured and tested in Vermont by the Cabot family and their 100+ employees. They have dozens of styles and varieties to fit everyone’s sock needs. Whether you need socks for running, biking, or skiing Darn Tough has the right sock for you. They also have an array of great patterns and a rainbow of colors.


Darn Tough Socks come with a life time guarantee. That’s right, LIFETIME. “Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee – Simply and without strings or conditions: if our all weather performance socks are not the most comfortable and durable socks you have ever worn, return them for another pair or your money back. No strings. No conditions. For life. When you are really serious about something you make it yourself.” I am not only impressed by how this company stands behind their product, but I also appreciate their dedication to perfection.


The cushioned no show socks that I received from Darn Tough Socks are pretty on the eye and kind to my feet. My feet are softly hugged in wool and stay both warm and airy when the weather is colder and cool and comfortable on warmer days. This amazing balance of temperature control is thanks to Coolmax which offers great breathability. Plus they are beautiful and colorful – just as they should be.


My son put on this pair of socks from Darn Tough Socks and just took off. Literally! He didn’t even put sneakers on he just left the front porch and went to play outside on a warm summer day. He came back awhile later and let me know how much he liked his new socks. They are the first socks that he grabs as he gets ready to leave the house. I find them tucked into his sneakers ready to go the next day.


Now YOU can win a pair of socks from Darn Tough Socks! Simply ENTER HERE! Bikers, hikers, skiers, hunters, adventure seekers – find Darn Tough Socks near you!

Be sure to LIKE Darn Tough Socks on Facebook to stay up to date on everything in the world of superb socks! Make a note to check out the Cabot Hosiery Mills Annual Sock Sale in November.

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40 thoughts on “Darn Tough Socks

  1. I would love to try these socks! I love supporting local companies and with a lifetime guarantee and cute colors, these sound like a great buy!!

  2. I dearly love the pair of Darn Tough socks I have – I use them for hockey, snow shoeing, and other winter activities. They certainly stand up to the test! I’d love to try the shorter style for summertime. Thanks for the give-away!

  3. Their socks are great! The pair I have is even a size too small since my hubby bought them as a gift and couldn’t remember what size to get. I still wear them–they are so cozy. I would love a pair that was actually the right size!

  4. Darn Tough are te best socks I’ve ever owned. They are comfortable in any weather and there’s a pair for every activity. They make for fantastic gifts too!

  5. I love Darn Tough! Not only are the best socks around but their mission statement is top notch! They make great gifts too!!

  6. Linc and I each get pairs of these for Christmas after my mom goes to the annual sale and I think it is the present that I look most forward to! Best socks in the ENTIRE world.

  7. Darn Tough Socks, I think you’ve got my Christmas gifts pretty much covered! Who wouldn’t want a pair (or 20) of these?! Good to look at and dependable (why can’t more men be like Darn Tough Socks)?!

  8. I love darn tough!! I’ve worn a pair out (thin on the sole), mailed them in, and got a replacement pair back within 10 days! It was like Christmas!

  9. These socks look awesome! Love the colors and they just look comfy. I have a hard time finding socks that are comfortable for running. They always run in the wrong places or don’t provide enough cushioning. I’d love to try these.

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