Vermont Raw Nut Butter Giveaway

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Seo Lee created Vermont Raw Nut Butter 18 months ago with the goal of producing a product superior to those currently on the market. All VRNB products are USDA certified organic and contain NO GMO ingredients.

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Seo shared the nut butter process with us: “What makes our line of products different and superior is that all of our organic non-hybred nuts and seeds are processed using our Granite Stone-Ground Technique.  This is where the granite stone wheels are slowly grinding the nuts/seeds within a granite laced drum.  During the duration of this process the temperature never rises over 98F unlike the conventional nut-butter process which involves all metal and very high heat.  As result the final product contains all the undamaged fats, minerals, and other vital nutrients which makes it a truly raw food.”

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My family LOVED Vermont Raw Nut Butter’s almond butter. I can still hear my two year old screaming “I want almond butter!” (morning, noon, and night). The high quality is evident as soon as you open the jar and lick the lid (did I do that??). The earthy almond smell filled our noses and made our stomachs grumble. The almond butter is wholesome, natural, and delicious. We found that we liked this almond butter on everything. The rich almond butter paired very nicely with sweet apples.

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At the same time that I received VRNB’s coconut butter a friend posted on Facebook asking about using coconut oil. She was meant to help me with this post! Here is Maria’s review of VRNB’s coconut butter:

“Vermont Raw Nut Coconut Butter was a hit at our house! I just started cooking with coconut oil, and I actually prefer the butter. It never got brown when I cooked it really hot (which the oil sometimes does), and it was really yummy without being cooked. My kids LOVE it on toast; I love that I can use it in place of sugary fruit jam. I did try it as a jam substitute on a PB& J, but it didn’t go over as well. I think because it’s difficult to spread when not somewhat warm (or warmed up by something like toast) so it pulled the bread apart some and was clumpy.

The jar I have was a gift, and when I stumbled upon it at Hunger Mountain Co-op I thought “wow! That’s expensive!” But when I considered when we have jam it lasts about 2 weeks, and this jar has been in our cupboard now for about 2 months, and we use it at least a few times a week! That’s pretty economical. And its versatility makes it so worth it.

Our family’s favorite recipe is hands down baked sweet potatoes with coconut butter and curry. I made it up myself, so I am pretty proud of it! Best part is it is SO EASY, even the non-cooker in your family can do it.

Baked Sweet Potatoes with Coconut Butter and Curry:


-desired amount of sweet potatoes, whole, scrubbed with fork holes poked on each side

-1 tablespoon coconut butter for every potato

-1 Tablespoon curry powder for every potato, or desired amount

-salt and pepper to taste

-a piece of tin foil for every potato, big enough to wrap it up in without leaving any openings


-preheat oven or grill to 400

-place sweet potato on center of tin foil

-add each ingredient, just letting it fall where it may

-wrap it up, be sure there are no openings (or you will sweet potato leak out and it’s very messy!)

-Pop in for about 30-40 minutes, depending on size of potato. It’s done when it’s soft to the touch.

-let cool a bit because it’s really hot!

VIOLA! You can eat the skin if you like (I don’t). But you basically have mashed sweet potato goodness. YUM! We love it with grilled steak. I always make extra for my kids, and they will have for lunch or

dinner the next night. Leftovers are perfect to throw in a curry stew or soup, perfect for thickening and added flavor.

I have been doing this recipe but with EVOO and salt and pepper forever, but the coconut butter inspired me! Thank you Vermont Raw Nut Butter!”

Thanks Maria!

Currently Vermont Raw Nut Butter products can be found at Healthy Living, City Market, Sweet Clover Market, Newport Natural Foods, Buffalo Mountain CoOp, Hunger Mountain CoOp, Cheese Traders as well as through Best of Vermont.  Plus look for them at the upcoming Summer Fancy Food Show in NYC.

ENTER HERE to win a gift from Vermont Raw Nut Butter! Be sure to LIKE them on Facebook too!



June 28th 2013 – 9PM – This giveaway is now closed. Please visit our homepage to find our current giveaways and LIKE us on Facebook for real time updates.

The winners of this giveaway are kunzlauren@ &  Kristen@. Congratulations! Check your email.


21 thoughts on “Vermont Raw Nut Butter Giveaway

  1. Oh my gosh! I am a big supporter of this company although I have never tried their products haha. I have been following them for a while and I really want to try their procuts!
    I mostly want to try their coconut butter because I LOVE anything coconut!

  2. They all look/sound delicious. I would probably try the macadamia nut, cashew, or coconut since I don’t usually/haven’y ever had them.

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