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Warning: This blog post MAY make your stomach growl, your mouth water, and you may find yourself getting in the car to find Gringo Jack’s products tonight!

The Gringo Jack Restaurant is located in Manchester, VT. The restaurant has been there for 15 years and just six years ago Jack’s team was urged to start bottling their sauces and salsas. We are going to tell you how much we love Gringo Jack’s salsa, chips, bbq sauces, and more.

“Turn ordinary into extraordinary! Gringo Jack’s uses only the best and real ingredients – real brown sugar, real chiles and, of course, true smoke from real chipotle chiles, The result is a quality product unmatched in the market.”  (from Gringo Jack’s website)

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Let’s start with tortilla chips. Gringo Jack chips are truly unique. They are incredibly crunchy and flaky. They promise to be a whole new chip experience. The cinnamon sugar chips reminded me of a fair-time fried dough. They are sweet with a generous amount of cinnamon and sugar. They are finger licking good!

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My family loves salsa and we enjoyed each Gringo Jack salsa that we tried and they pair perfectly with Gringo Jack tortilla chips (of course!). Why do we love this salsa so much? Because it tastes like real food! It’s not watery, it’s thick and loaded with vegetables, herbs and spices.

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Truly red may have been my favorite of the salsas. “TRULY RED SALSA – Tomato & Smoky Chipotle  – Tomatoes and smoky chipotles – no room for artificial smoke – just authentic rustic flavor. Just like when Lulu married Billy Joe – it was authentic, you know?  It was true, it was lasting, and if only life could always be that way.” (from Gringo Jack’s website)

We dipped chips into this salsa and used it as a base for a spicy rice side dish. Simply add Truly Red Salsa to cooked brown rice and add your favorite veggies and beans. We added corn, broccoli and black beans. Instant joy and very tasty!

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My friends were happy to taste test and review Gringo Jack’s products for me! Here are their reviews:

“The other week I made special chicken enchiladas with Gringo Jack’s Holy Mole Sauce and while I’ve never made my own, I have had the real deal in Oaxaca, Mexico and this was just as authentic and delicious. It was rich, smokey and spicy all at once with the perfect hint of nuts and chocolate, such a great idea! The whole family enjoyed and it was great way to spice up (but not too spicy) a weeknight meal, plus it was an extra bonus that the sauce is ready to serve, just add to your meal!! Five stars for sure.

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On a different night we snacked on Gringo Jack’s classic flour tortilla chips and by the end we were looking for more. These were a treat. So light and so crunchy, like restaurant quality. You could almost tell they were hand made and special. After eating the whole bag we looked at the label and were happy to see they were non GMO and all natural! Extra bonus.” ~Angela 

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“Cinnamon chips – yum! these were an unexpectedly sweet treat. My kids and I ate them as dessert, my daughter with a loose tooth loved that they were “soft” enough for her to eat. Sugary and sweet, these are deliciously buttery tasting, like a croissant.
I brought the whole wheat chips to school for my colleagues to taste – one had them crumbled on her salad and loved it. I liked them right out of the bag, and again, the fact that they were kind of “soft” was really a nice twist on regular chips.” ~Melissa

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I have even more to you about!

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It has been sad to empty a bottle of Gringo Jack’s bbq sauce. They are each amazing! Let’s start with the Vermont Maple BBQ Sauce. It’s mild and sweet, making it my son’s favorite. We had friends over for a bbq a few weeks ago and everyone loved this sauce. They found themselves adding more and more sauce to their meal.

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I have added the Sweet and Spicy Chipolte Finishing Glaze to everything! Pulled pork, burgers, meatloaf and more! I love the depth of the spice and the great sweet chipolte flavor! This is a sauce that I want to always have on hand.

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Michelle Kropp, co-founder of Gringo Jack’s tells us why they are so proud of their bbq sauces:“Our bbq sauce is better than anything on the market – even the natural ones.  We use real brown sugar and get natural smoke from using chipotle chiles, not natural smoke flavor.  We don’t scrimp on the ingredients and cook the sauce for as long as it takes to fuze the wonderful flavors.”

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When I asked Michelle about new products that we might see in the next year she told us: “We are working on a plantain ketchup and some unique chips flavors such as chocolate, sweet potato and grain chips.” I am sure that we would love those too!

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Are you ready to try all of these great products??? ENTER HERE to win a box of goodies from Gringo Jack’s and be sure to share this giveaway with your friends!

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June 10th 2013 – 9PM – This giveaway is now closed. Please visit our homepage to find our current giveaways and LIKE us on Facebook for real time updates.

The three winners of this giveaway are heartgirl28@, tjmag50@, nytiger915@. Congratulations! Check your email.


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  1. I love Gringo Jack’s! Can’t wait to try the cooking sauces. Their chips are to die for! Salsas are always great. BBQ sauces are all very yummy!

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