Smoked Maple Syrup Giveaway

Robert Hausslein from Sugar Bob’s Finest Kind makes maple sugaring season a party in his community of Landgrove, VT. Robert, his wife Ann, their three children, and countless friends and neighbors work together to collect sap from over 800 taps.

“Boiling is also a major community affair, with potluck and cocktails fueling us into the late night.” -Robert


Now the story of this maple syrup is going to get a bit more interesting. This creative couple infuse their maple syrup with smoke to make, “Smoked Maple Syrup”.

“Using food grade compressed air and venturi injection principles, we bubble low temperature maple and beech wood smoke through a finished vat of maple syrup for roughly 24 hours. Key aromatic notes and flavors are preserved while we re-filter the infused syrup to deliver a clean consistent product for your cooking pleasure.” – Robert

My favorite way to use this unique and very special ingredient is as part of a barbeque sauce for pulled pork. I start with a traditional tomato base, add a bit of heat, and then add a generous amount of Smoked Maple Syrup. The deep and dark maple flavor is sweet while the addition of the hardwood smoke adds a hearty and savory element.  Your senses will be overloaded with the sweet smell and the rich taste

IMG_7099 IMG_7100-001

There are dozens of great recipe ideas on Sugar Bob’s website. Use Smoked Maple Syrup as part of your favorite salad dressing, marinade, or burger topping sauce.

Now it’s your chance to try Smoked Maple Syrup from Sugar Bob’s Finest. ENTER HERE! Thank you Robert and Ann for hosting this giveaway.

And thank you to Apple Mountain on Burlington’s Church St. During a visit there last fall I asked them to share their favorite product with me and they shared Smoked Maple Syrup (which they were sold out of at the time). Find Smoked Maple Syrup at Apple Mountain and these fine retailers.





May 10th 2013 – 9PM – This giveaway is now closed. Please visit our homepage to find our current giveaways and LIKE us on Facebook for real time updates.

The winners of this giveaway are giumarrac@ & mglawler@. Congratulations! Check your email.



19 thoughts on “Smoked Maple Syrup Giveaway

  1. I think baked beans would be delicious!! We have a sugar house and use maple syrup on everything and anything we think of! But SMOKED maple syrup sounds ridiculous! I would love to try some!!

  2. I’m vegetarian and southern by family tradition/taste so I’m always looking for that smoky BBQ flavor. I’m thinking a glaze for baked tofu would be good. Mix it with some butterfly bakery mustard.

  3. This has been a best seller for us here at Apple Mountain! I have not been able to keep it in stock. every time I turn around I have to order it again!!

  4. I usually use maple syrup to sweeten baked beans so I think this would be a delicious way to add flavor to them.

  5. I love to marinade my pork chops in maple syrup and dijon mustard with a large blast of seasoning. I think this smoked maple syrup would be a GREAT addition to that recipe!

  6. Wow! That sounds amazing! I’m graduating from college in a few weeks and we’re doing pulled pork for a small party. This would be fantastic to use for the sauce.

  7. well, after looking at the delicious recipes on his site, i think the smoked maple butter sounded amazing! either on fish or steak!! mmmmmmmm!!

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