Three more winners


Did you see the great news from Alaina’s Mosaic’s Facebook page?

“Soooo more exciting stuff….the Milton Elementary School (where I (Alaina’s mom) work) is sending 5 5th graders to the White House next week to help Michelle Obama plant her garden! This is a HUGE honor and so exciting!!!! They are bringing her a gift basket and in it will be 2 Veggie Shirts for her daughters (these are available locally for sale at the Vermont Clothing Company Kiosk in the U Mall) and a packet of cards. What cards should we include (as much as I love the elephant, not sure it is appropriate and we don’t have a donkey card)?”

Congratulations to the traveling 5th graders and to Alaina! What an honor.

IMG_7685 - Copy

Now we need to reward our winners. Each winner will receive five cards from Alaina’s Mosaics.

Our winners are: minnow9898@, Dmleblanc89@, kristen@. Congratulations!

Happy Easter,

Note: Be sure to enter our giveaways for Vermont Soap and Blake Hill Preserves and get ready to celebrate this blog’s first birthday this week!


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