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This giveaway is now over. Please enjoy reading our reviews!

Looks great, right? It’s BEYOND great!

I would like to invite Vicky Allard from Blake Hill Preserves in Grafton over for baked goods and jams. I want to listen to Vicky’s stories of growing up in England and being part of the jam making experience – from picking the berries to canning the finished product. Vicky was taught the process by her mother and her grandmother. After moving to Vermont Vicky started her business with Joe Hanglin. Joe, who grew up in Gibraltar, shares his knowledge of Spanish-and-Moroccan spices and cooking. Together the two are a match made in preserve-making heaven.

Blake Hill Preserves makes jam, chutney, marmalade, and top shelf preserves. They believe the secret behind their incredible product is the local farmer. They strive to work with: “local farm suppliers {who} are on average NO MORE THAN 70 MILES from Grafton, & typically a lot less!”.


Celebrity chef Bobby Flay has raved about Blake Hill Preserves. Here is what he had to say: “If you like the classics, you can’t go wrong with
her apricot and orange chutney. It’s made with organic apple cider vinegar from a nearby orchard, and includes organic dried apricots, Vermont grown heirloom apples and fresh Valencia oranges. Their orange and lime marmalade has a great mix of citrus and a nice ginger kick.”


We agree with Bobby! This chutney belongs on pork and pairs perfectly with cheese. The ginger adds a warmth and the coriander adds a great richness.

Here is another note, shared from Blake Hill’s Facebook page: “THE WORLDWIDE MARMALADE COMPETITION at Dalemain Mansion England, with 2,000 entries from all over Europe, N America & Asia, has awarded our ORANGE LIME & GINGER MARMALADE 4th prize for “Marmalade with Interesting Additions”! It’s the very first competition we’ve ever entered & we’ve been making our marmalades for less than a year so feel very honoured!” Congratulations Blake Hill Preserves!


My mouth is going to water while I write about blueberry & summer plum jam from Blake Hill Preserves. I am going to tell you that I love, love, love this jam. (My husband and editor said that I used the word love too many times, but I have to get the idea across!) It is packed with local blueberries that are bursting with sweetness. We have enjoyed this jam on everything from breakfast toast, bakery bread, crackers, and even apples. My children enjoy this jam as well (though sometimes I hide it from them and keep it for myself). I love and appreciate the simplicity of the ingredients.


The top shelf marmalade pictured above is not your average marmalade. It’s bold and powerful. If you are inclined to do so, try it for breakfast, but also think outside the box. How about pairing this with a bread pudding or with poached pears?


Vicky has offered to host a giveaway for Try Vermont First readers. ENTER HERE to win a bag of preserves similar to the one above. Find more details on the giveaway form.

Vicky is also offering to donate jars of her preserves to the Vermont Foodbank. For each 10 new LIKES on Blake Hill Preserves’ Facebook page Vicky will donate one jar (up to 1000 likes). With over 1300 Facebook followers, I am SURE that we can help to make a large donation to the foodbank. Please share this giveaway/donation on your Facebook wall and with your friends!


Enjoy this world famous preserves!

April 8th, 2013, 9PM- This giveaway is now closed. Please visit our homepage to find our current giveaways and LIKE us on Facebook for real time updates.

The winners of this giveaway are nickibruleigh@, the4walks@, laceygross79@. Congratulations! Check your email. One more BIG THANK YOU to everyone who LIKED Blake Hill Preserves on Facebook and helped generate a generous donation of preserves to the Vermont Foodbank.


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  4. Many thanks – we have our fingers crossed for you all! If you have access to Facebook, please help us get to 1,000 likes and we’ll be donating BIG TIME to the Vermont Foodbank!

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