Chocolate For Change

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Nicole Mondejar from Vermont Chocolate For Change contacted me a few months ago about working together. I made it through half of her first paragraph and said “YES!”, not just because she offered to send me chocolate, but because the mission behind what she is doing is very powerful and important.


I am going to let Nicole tell you a little bit more about Vermont Chocolate For Change, “Vermont Chocolate for Change (VTCFC) is a culinary-based life skills program of Washington County Mental Health Services, Inc., located in Barre, VT. At-risk youth age 16-22 are invited to learn the art of making handcrafted chocolates and confections as a unique and fun approach to helping them develop pre-employment skills related to communication, team work, problem solving and seeing a process through.

 Youth are invited into the kitchen to participate to the best of their ability as they are involved with the tempering, molding, dipping and packaging of the chocolates. Youth are then also invited to participate in selling what they have made directly to customers at the Waterbury Farmers Market and other community events as they develop their personal confidence and competence.

As students participate, they also learn the importance of using local and organic ingredients as much as possible along with all compostable packaging. And, since 100% of our proceeds are reinvested in VTCFC to help keep our program going, this is truly a sweet initiative we can all stand behind!”


“All items are freshly handcrafted in limited batches using only all natural, pure Belgian chocolate and paired with as many local and organic ingredients as possible. VT products currently include Vermont Peanut Butter Company’s Organic Peanut and Nut Butters, Vermont Cranberry Company’s Dried Cranberries, Pure VT Honey from Bee Haven Honey Farm, Vermont Creamery Butter, VT Artisan Coffee & Tea, Champlain Orchards Organic Apples, VT Cottage Cooking’s Maple Granola and only local, organic cream, eggs and maple syrup. All of the baked goods that we dip in chocolate are also homemade and we use no added refined sugar or corn syrup in our recipes. ”


Above are VTCFC’s Handcrafted Espresso Truffles. These truffles were very soft and full of deep flavor. No one else got to try one (sorry family)…. they were delicious and gone pretty fast!


A few words to describe VTCFC’s Sea Salted VT Honey Caramels might be bursting (with honey), sweet (super honey sweet), and perfect! They are made to perfection with pure Vermont honey.


Here is one more note from Nicole, “Our biggest ask from the community: Is to please help us spread the word about VTCFC. Since 100% of our proceeds are reinvested in helping at-risk youth, EVERY purchase directly supports our mission! If anyone is interested in making a tax deductible donation or would like to explore collaborating with us, we invite them to contact us at”

You can find Vermont Chocolate For Change at Proud Flower  in Waterbury. They can also be found at the Waterbury Farmers Market and the Granite City Farmers Market in Barre (May-October). If you want to see their products in a store near you please request them!


Now YOU can win a bag of assorted goodness from Vermont Chocolate for Change! Nicole is offering to send three winner each the following:

Sea Salted VT Honey Caramels,  Organic Peanut Butter Cups filled only with Vermont Peanut Butter Company brand peanut butters, Vermont Artisan Espresso Truffles made with  freshly ground Vermont Artisan Espresso,  a bag of Dark Chocolate Maple Granola Bark made with granola from Vermont Cottage Cooking, dried cranberries from Vermont Cranberry Co, and roasted pumpkin seeds, and several of unique and whimsical molded chocolates. Each reusable canvas gift bags is made exclusively for VTCFC by Alena Botanica and printed by Factotum  (both of Waterbury). These bags will also entitle the winners to 10% off future chocolate purchases when presented at any VTCFC event – a gift that truly keeps on giving!

I LOVE how VTCFC networks with so many other Vermont businesses!! Neighbor helping neighbor!

Lucky readers! Be sure to LIKE Vermont Chocolate for Change on Facebook! ENTER this giveaway HERE.




7 thoughts on “Chocolate For Change

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  4. Love this group and their chocolates. The peanut butter cups are messy but soo good. You’ve also given me an idea. I’m volunteering at an event in early May and we’re looking to sell chocolates along with other treats. I’ll be contacting them tomorrow. Thanks!

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  6. I am so happy you are featuring this program! I work with some of these same youth, all whom have loved it. Nicole does great work and its yummy too! Nice job Honi!

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