Re-Jammin with Jamtastic Jam


This giveaway is now over. Please enjoy reading our reviews!

A few months ago Try Vermont First introduced Jamtastic to you and quickly you were hooked and wanted to get jammin. Ross Warren from Jamtastic Jams has outdone himself again. A customer requested that Ross make a jammin jam without added sugar. Ross knew that his options were limited, that he would not use an artificial sweetener, but that he would find a way!

Ross started with three berries: strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries. While it was a good jam, it was a bit tart and Ross wanted to keep working to perfect the recipe.

“Enter the Marionberry. I remembered eating this berry when we lived in the Seattle area before moving to Vermont years ago. It’s larger and sweeter than its cousin, the lowly blackberry. So…now with this addition and a bit longer boiling process to concentrate the natural sugars found in the fruit and the apple juice concentrate, we have produced a fruit spread that is simply, out of this world!” ~Ross


The Four Berry Spread did not last long in our house. People might be surprised how quickly we go through jam, but when it’s this good it’s something that you want on everything! I am always on the look out for healthy foods that are low in added sugar to serve to my children. It’s important that these products still taste great – like real food. Ross’s Four Berry Spread IS real food! It’s a burst of sweet, tart, bright, and fresh berries.

Of course we enjoyed this new jam (or “berry spread” as Ross must label it due to the sugar content) on bread and toast and English muffins. We also enjoyed it on top of pancakes and on top of oatmeal. A small spoonful mixed into a bowl of steel cut oats was delicious!


Ross wants you to try his Four Berry Spread too. Enter here to be one of two winners chosen on Thursday, March 7th at 9PM. This giveaway is now closed. Remember to LIKE Jamtastic Jams on Facebook for an extra entry in this giveaway, plus great deals and updates. Ross is currently offering free shipping on orders of six or more jars. Take advantage and shop today! Also find Jamtastic Jams at Healthy Living in South Burlington.

Keep making Jammin Jams Ross… we love them!




2 thoughts on “Re-Jammin with Jamtastic Jam

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  2. I won a jar of jam from the last review of Jamtastic. It is so yummy!! My daughter ate it on everything. I think her favorite combo was Jamtastic and waffles! She also liked it with plain or vanilla yogurt!

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