STACK Soap Review & Giveaway


This giveaway is now over. Please enjoy reading our reviews!


Upon looking at the image of the STACK Soap above, and reading about it below, you might have the same reaction that I did and say “Wow, that’s smart!”.


STACK Soap, which is manufactured in Winooski, VT was created by Aric Norine because (as he says) A soap sliver would make my morning shower a little less enjoyable.  I wasn’t alone.” Yes, this is true. A soap sliver leaves you frustrated and smelling yourself for the rest of the day. And what can you do with that teeny tiny sliver? Better than just throwing away your good soap, let it sit perfectly into a new bar of STACK Soap.


Aric sent my family STACK Soap to review. Aric tells us that “STACK is a triple milled & cold-copper pressed soap that’s veggie based (unlike the economy soaps) and infused with Shea butter so your skin will feel moisturized and protected.  Lightly scented free of SLS.  It’s also Vegan and not tested on animals.” My husband and I both have been using STACK Soap for a few months. It’s a very mild soap that is almost scent free. The light scent is not masculine or feminine, it’s just clean smelling! The addition of Shea butter keeps our winter skin nicely moisturized.


STACK Soap is currently only available to purchase from but Aric has new plans for the year ahead including a newly formatted, scented STACK Soap.


Aric describes this soap for us: “It’s a completely new formula in three new fragrances that are as Eco-friendly as we can make it.  It’s made from certified sustainable oils  and uses botanical extracts for fragrance.  Our natural ingredients combined with the waste free design should appeal to people trying to minimize their waste and use of the earth’s resources. I’m developing this new product with Twincraft soap in Vermont.  They’re doing a great job of finding responsibly-sourced ingredients and the made-in-america natural fragrances that we need. It’s very good moisturizing soap and should be available in October.”


Aric wants you to try Vermont’s STACK Soap! Thanks Aric!

Stay clean!



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