“Fun and Functional Crochet” Giveaway


This giveaway is now over. Please enjoy reading our reviews!

The cute kid above is my four year old son. The hat that he is modeling was made by Dawn Cogger of Vermont Crochet in Sheffield, VT. The title quote is also from Dawn, it’s her motto!

Dawn told us how she started her crochet business: “I learned to crochet at age 7, and have done it ever since.  I discovered early on that I had a talent for discovering new techniques, especially to solve a problem or make an item better.  I started by making gifts for family and friends.  People began asking me to make them hat, mittens, and gloves, and were willing to pay for it – thus, a business was born!”.

Dawn also tells us: “As a Crochet Guild of America Associate Professional, I am selling designs to magazines now and am working to develop my own pattern line for sale to yarn stores.  Crochet is something that I have always enjoyed, especially when I could create something that filled a need.”

That hat that shown above will be given away to one lucky Try Vermont First reader. It is a crocheted ear flap hat made of wool. It is size 21 inches. The hat is very thick, incredibly warm and clearly very cute. Dawn stands by her work 100% and offers to rework or replace any item that is found to have a defect.


Stay warm!


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