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It’s a small world and Vermont is a small, close knit state.

Eight years ago I was teaching at a private school in Shelburne. Today I am writing a review for the mother of a former student. The student left a wonderful lasting impression and I am happy to share her mother’s story and products with you tonight.

Keri Brown started her company, Keri’s Kures, less than a year ago after practicing herbal medicine for over ten years. Keri’s two children are a driving force behind what she does, what she makes, and her passion for her craft. Keri’s line of herbal teas aim to help relieve pain, calm anxiety, promote sleep and more.


I really enjoyed Keri’s Help My Stomach tea. My stomach was feeling fine when I tried it but I was looking forward to a cup of hot and delicious tea. This tea was naturally sweet and very pleasant. The chamomile was light and blended well with the other herbs used in this tea. It was soothing tea that I would reach for on any day.

Keri’s Help My Back tea was mellow and earthy. I immediately smelled and tasted the rosemary. Again it was sweet enough without adding anything to it. Keri’s well blended teas are spot on to treat what is bothering you or helping to aid your body to sleep. And yet each tea variety is also wonderful to have as your regular morning or evening tea.

I was happy to share Keri’s teas with my friends. Here are their reviews:

Help my Stomach:
“While searching high and low for my tea ball I was able to take in the fragrant and inviting aroma with just the open bag. I was surprised to read “organic catnip” as an ingredient, however the blend of spices and herbs was very pleasant and just right. A little sweet, a little kick and a lot of comfort.” ~Angela

Help me Sleep:
“I will start by saying the label was gorgeous and peaceful, a great sign. Lucky for me I don’t have sleep problems, but this tea was very tasty. I don’t normally steep tea for ten minutes, so I wondered about it’s strength. However, it was delicious. What I liked best about it was the lemony undertones. It went down very easy and left me calm and tranquil.” ~Angela


“Ten years ago, when Keri Brown started reading about herbs she had no idea that one day she’d launch a highly successful line of delicious teas. During the years in between those two events she spent endless hours mixing, tasting, and remixing custom tea blends for those around her who were nursing broken bones, colds, headaches, sleeplessness, and PMS. Well, around the holidays I was lucky enough to be the recipient of a few of her tea blends. For the better part of this winter I’ve been able to stay healthy, avoiding the flu, the stomach bug, strep, etc. but last week I came down with a nasty cold. Luckily I had plenty of Keri’s Kures to lend a helping hand. With my head aching and my nose congested I made a large pot of Keri’s ‘Help My Cold’ tea. Recently I brought an old teapot back from my grandmother’s house, another stroke of luck because it turned out that over the next 24 hours I was to consume vast quantities of this delicious tea. To get all the nutrients I could from the tea, I sprinkled the leaves directly into the teapot and poured boiling water overtop. As the tea was steeping I stuck my face over the open lid and inhaled deeply. Since coming down with the cold that morning my sense of taste and smell had all but evaporated. I couldn’t smell anything but the feeling of the warm steam brightened my mood and seemed to ease the congestion. This beast of a cold was giving me the perfect chance to put Keri’s tea to the test. About 5 minutes later, when I poured my first mugful of ‘Help My Cold,’ I was struck first by it’s gorgeous reddish-purple color probably due to the tiny dried elderberries generously mixed into the tea blend. Throughout the day I made not two but three pots of ‘Help My Cold’ and drank them all. Every, last, drop. The next morning, after a night of deep and healing sleep, I awoke with my taste buds refreshed and back in full force. Not wanting to assume I’d beat the cold so quickly, I once more I heated water and made another pot of ‘Help My Cold’. You might think I was sick of it now, after all I was pushing 100 plus oz of this stuff. Not in the least, the delicate taste of cinnamon and thyme, the fruity elderberries…these and other ingredients gave the tea a rich but sweet flavor. I realized then how lucky I was to have ‘Help My Cold’ in the house just when I needed it most. I pictured the vitamin C and antioxidants from the elderberries circulating in my system, helping rid me of those nasty cold germs. I pictured the Echinacea Purpurea helping my immune system pump out infection fighting cells, I pictured the thyme, in the same family as mint, helping to clear my lungs…these ingredients and more working together to help me beat the cold almost entirely in just one day, something I previously thought impossible!

Help My Cold

When my 3 year old daughter complained of a stomach ache the other morning, I knew just what to do for her. I’d had such a good experience with Keri’s Kures in the past that I went straight to the cupboard above the stove and pulled down the big bag of loose ‘Help My Stomach’ tea that I’d gotten as a gift in December. As I poured my daughter a small mugful, a quick glance into the teapot told me there was plenty leftover for me to sneak a taste (even though my stomach felt great). As I sipped away at the warm drink I was struck by the spicy flavor of ginger and remembered back to 10 years ago when I took an herbalism class that ginger is known as a great pain reliever and acts as an anti-inflammatory. It’s often used to treat nausea caused by both motion and morning sicknesses. If ginger gave ‘Help My Stomach’ tea a  strong flavor than chamomile lent a more delicate undertone. Chamomile, with it’s alpha-bisabolol, acts as an antispasmodic and anti-inflamatory. Catnip, another of the ingredients, immediately began to calm my nerves (which yes were already in a bundle, even at that early hour). I vaguely recalled, from my herbalism class, that Catnip is one of those herbs to be avoided during pregnancy but since I’m not
preggers I had another mugful. Cinnamon, another ingredient, added a delicious complexity to the flavor that was not lost on me (or my 3 year old) and also helps to control blood sugar levels while simultaneously delivering an antimicrobial punch to whatever was bothering my daughter’s stomach. By the end of breakfast she was back to her bouncy and energetic self, phew!


After reading this review you’re going to think that someone is always either sick or not sleeping (when they should be) at my house. Well, judge me if you must but I after being sick with a cold I found myself fairly far behind with work. The added stress of trying to catch up meant I just couldn’t relax at day’s end and was left tossing and turning in my bed. At midnight I came down for my traditional cup of tea to help me relax and go back to sleep. ‘Help Me Sleep’ tea did the trick! Perhaps it was the valerian, known to be a natural sedative because it depresses (in a good way) the central nervous system. Don’t run out and buy a bunch of valerian, I hear you can get headaches and worse from taking too much at once and I certainly would consult a naturopath before giving it to my daughter, but wow did ‘Help Me Sleep’ help me sleep that night. A couple other ingredients, lemon balm and passionflower, gave the tea a rich and fragrant taste. I was curious about passionflower so I broke out my notes from that herbalism class I took 10 years ago. Turns out passionflower increases the levels of gamma-Aminobutyric acid in our brains. This acid acts to reduce brain cell activity which certainly helped to slow the thoughts racing through my brain that night. Also, passionflower is known to improve the body’s physiological response to stress. This eases stress on our adrenal glands and in turn helps to decrease cortisol levels. This change in cortisol levels helps us sleep, yay! The one thing I did read about passionflower is that, because of
these natural properties, it shouldn’t be taken with prescription sedatives.


In designing her teas Keri Brown has chosen herbs to create highly effective and delicious tasting teas! In the last few months I’ve tried both Keri’s Kures’ prepackaged tea (think individual tea bags) and loose tea. I have a preference for strong tea and so was happiest with loose leaves. In fact my favorite way of preparing her tea is to throw the leaves right into the boiling water and then poured them through a strainer after letting them steep for 10 minutes. I like Keri’s Kures because she’s committed to minimizing her company’s impact on the earth. To that end loose and prepackaged teas come in unbleached compostable paper bags and if you life close enough you can save resources and money by bringing an empty jar right to her tea lab for a refill. Enjoy!

For more info on herbs check out Mother Earth Living at:” ~Aubrey


Keri is offering a 20% discount to Try Vermont First readers until Friday, February 15th. Visit Keri’s Etsy shop and use the code KURESAVE20 at checkout. Two lucky Try Vermont First readers will win their choice of Keri’s teas.

Thank you Keri for sharing your herbal teas with us and our readers!

Stay well,



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