Think Spring Giveaway!

This giveaway is now over. Please enjoy reading our reviews!

Today I am happy to showcase two unique and helpful garden tools made in Vermont.

Kerry, Deanne, and Justin Rathbun own Thirteen Colonies Wood Products in West Burke, VT. Thirteen Colonies makes their garden dibble from solid oak, walnut, and cherry woods. The garden dibble the perfect tool to evenly space out and make the holes for your garden seed holes. Every ring on the garden dibble measures one inch.

IMG_2006 - Copy

The garden dibble would make a wonderful gift for the gardener in your family.


IMG_2001 - Copy

Thirteen Colonies hand crafts many other wood products in their family barn built in 1875. They sent us their paper pot maker to test and review. The process was easy enough. Begin with strips of newspaper, which can later be planted into the ground to decompose.


Roll your paper strips around the paper pot press.


Fold over the paper extended off the end of the press.


Push the press onto the base and twist a few times.


Remove the press from the base and pull off the newly made pot.



Fill your pots with soil and seeds. When you are ready to transfer your seeds you can do so easily by planting the paper pots.

Here is a note from Thirteen Colonies: “When you plant using this method you are being Earth friendly because these pots naturally decompose into the soil, and it eliminates the need to use any plastic.”

Watch the whole process on YouTube.

Visit Thirteen Colonies on Etsy and Ebay to see their full line of products. I adore their biscuit cutter and know of a biscuit making Nonna that might appreciate this gift.

Two Try Vermont First readers will get a chance to win a gift from Thirteen Colonies. One reader will win a garden dibble and another reader will win a paper pot maker. Enter this giveaway here.

Happy gardening – think Spring!!


2 thoughts on “Think Spring Giveaway!

  1. Want to provide nice dribble as an award to a Master Gardner. Do you make any from cherry wood or walnut? Styles?

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