Woodstock Granola Review & Giveaway

This giveaway is now over. Please enjoy reading our reviews!


Woodstock Granola was created by chef, baker, and entrepreneur Renee Howe nine years ago. Renee’s culinary training began at home on her family farm and continued through culinary school. Later Renee fueled her passion of cooking at the Woodstock Inn & Resort and the Woodstock Farmer’s Market. Renee generously sent me her Woodstock Granola and trail mix to sample and review. I was happy to share Woodstock Granola with my friends, and here are their reviews:

“Mountain Maple granola transported me from my New York City apartment back to the mountains of Vermont. The maple flavor and the blueberries were the perfect blend of sweet and tart. Best of all, this delicious granola kept me full and fueled for my busy mornings.” ~Christine

“Monhegan Berry Blend granola was such a perfect mix of crunchy oats and nuts and chewy fruit that I couldn’t resist eating it a bunch of different ways.  As expected, it was the perfect addition to a bowl of thick Greek yogurt.  The almonds helped pack the protein into this meal.  Sprinkled on top of a piping bowl of thick oatmeal? Delicious. The honey and the fruit was all I needed to satisfy my sweet tooth with plain oatmeal.  At work, a handful on the go was packed with the perfect mix of delicious and energy. Lastly, when the bag was nearing its end, I poured every last oat, blueberry and cranberry into a bowl and just ate it with milk. Simple goodness.” ~Kelly

“I had the maple almond. It did not last long in our home! It was crunchy, not overly sweet with a great maple flavor. It was delicious and felt nutritious. We added it to yogurt and ate it by the handful! A great snack that pleased our senses” ~Jen

“I tried Woodstock Granola’s Farmhouse Blend. I tried it in milk (as breakfast cereal), with Greek yogurt for a snack and straight out of the bag. It had a nice texture and didn’t get soggy in milk. In yogurt, it was best – raisins gave a nice chewiness (although I thought it was a little heavy on the raisins and apricots and a little light on the walnuts) and the taste complimented plain Greek yogurt well. The spices are cinnamon and cardamom – I liked the taste of cardamom. Like I said, I would have loved more walnuts and maybe different nuts as well. I personally like big chunks in my granola and this one had a pretty “smooth” texture, which my kids prefer. All in all, a good basic granola recipe with a good texture. Locally made in Woodstock!” ~Melissa

My personal favorite was Renee’s Cherry & Ginger Almond Crunch. This granola is incredibly addicting! I love the sweet spice from the crystallized ginger and the tartness from the dried cherry. I found this granola to be the perfect compliment to vanilla Greek yogurt. I will admit that one night I did have three bowls of yogurt and Woodstock Granola before bed. I just kept going back for more!
The Raspberry Chai is another amazing flavor combination from Woodstock Granola. The dried raspberries are spread throughout the bag and you are sure to get some in each bite. This granola is sweetened with honey and creamy vanilla. I can almost guarantee that you will love this granola.
Woodstock Granola also makes trail mixes that I highly recommend you try. We tried both their Camp & Cottage trail mix and their Good Energy trail mix. Both trail mixes were very fresh tasting! Both have plump and chewy raisins, peanuts, and almonds. Good Energy also has my son’s favorite chocolate covered sunflower seeds. Camp and Cottage is filled with cranberries, dried apples and pumpkin seeds. They are best eaten by the handful! Each comes in a stay fresh pouch, but note that it your Woodstock Granola trail mix will not last long because it’s hard to stop eating it.
Renee is going to send a great prize to one Try Vermont First reader. Enter below to win a seven bag sampler of Woodstock Granola.
Happy eating,

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