A Giveaway To Keep YOU Warm!

Jeff Weinstein from Two Guys In Vermont would like to host another giveaway with Try Vermont First, with the hope of keeping you WARM this winter!


Vermont is expecting below normal, nose freezing, stay inside COLD weather this week. Stay warm and satisfied with healthy and delicious soup from Two Guys In Vermont. Read our previous review of Two Guy’s soups, which my son still asks for all the time.

This giveaway is a bit different. We want you to comment on this blog post with your guess of what the low temperature will be for Wednesday and for Thursday in Montpelier. The person who guesses correctly each day will WIN a “get warm soup sampler” of three soups. Leave Wednesday night’s guess before 10PM on Wednesday and Thursday night’s guess before 10PM on Thursday.

I will announce Wednesday’s correct low temperature guess Thursday afternoon. I will announce Thursday’s correct low temperature guess Friday afternoon. In the case of two or more correct guesses, or a “tie”, we will randomly choose our winners from those correct guesses.

But wait, there’s more!

Every person that LIKES Two Guys in Vermont on Facebook and mentions that you found them via Try Vermont First will be entered to win a three soup sampler pack. This giveaway winner will be announced on Friday at 6PM.

That’s right, Jeff is giving away prizes to THREE winners. Lucky, lucky, lucky.

Note that now at 10PM I am craving Two Guys soup as a bedtime snack.

So make your two guesses now, and then hop over to Facebook to LIKE Two Guys in Vermont. Good luck and stay warm!



36 thoughts on “A Giveaway To Keep YOU Warm!

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  3. I’m thinking -12 for Wednesday night and -20 Thursday morning for lows. I “like” two guys on Facebook. Time to go add some wood to the stove. Think we’ll hibernate today 🙂

  4. Never been to montpelier but ill give it a guess hehe Wednesday: -12 and Thur -6 It;s been cold!!! here in minnesota with wind chills in the -30’s!!! Thanks for the chance to win, deff going to go check them out on fb now…

  5. issue is Where in VT are you talking about ? My brother lives in Lincoln.. that EASY 10 degrees colder then Middlebury,which is where im from. So im thinking the ” state temp” is taken from the airport… ill go -19 on Wed, -14 on Thursday… Thanks !hope i win…
    Love your site.. Great way to try VT items..

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