The Potlicker Beer & Wine Jelly

This giveaway is now over. Please enjoy reading our reviews!


When you read this post and learn about the beer and wine jelly made by The Potlicker, don’t think of your morning toast. Let your imagine run away with savory ideas.


Every beer connoisseur will find just the right beer jelly for them. Green Mtn Ale, India Pale Ale, Black IPA, Stout, and more from Long Trail, Magic Hat, Harpoon, Otter Creek, Wolavers and more! If you prefer wine you will find Potlicker jellies in both red and white wines.

The Potlicker is based in Barnard, VT and was created by Nancy and Walter Warner. Nancy was new to Vermont, a home diy-er, and inspired by her grandmother’s ability to can anything. Nancy got creative in the kitchen and soon started selling her products at farmers markets, putting them in local stores, and selling them on Etsy. Nancy shares her garden with her customers in her seasonal private stock products.

We first used Potlicker jellies to marinade and grill pork. We tried each flavor and ate it all before we took any pictures (sorry!). The Spiced Wine jelly resembled a fancy red wine reduction sauce that added a richness to our meal. The Rosemary Garlic Chablis (the original Potlicker jelly flavor) added an elegant, yet gentle flavor without overpowering the pork.

I gave the India Pale Ale jelly to my brother in law. He sauteed garlic, added the IPA jelly and then used the mixture to coat chicken wings. His wife told me that it made a “sweet, tangy sauce for chicken wings, which was delightful”.


Our favorite Potlicker jelly was the Hard Apple Cider Jelly. Apple is a natural compliment to pork and this combination was delicious. The apple is both tart and sweet. Nancy uses Woodchuck’s famous 802 cider for this jelly. Nancy suggests pairing this jelly with a cheese platter.

Nancy & Walter would like you to try their jelly! See details below on how to enter this giveaway! Follow The Potlicker’s blog and find great recipes and more.



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