Snackin on real food.

This giveaway is now over. Please enjoy reading our reviews!

Here is the first and last thing that you should know about Vermont Smoke & Cure’s Realsticks… they are high quality ~ real ~ food.


Vermont Smoke and Cure sent my family Real Sticks to sample and my four year old kept repeating “So good, SO good, SOOOO GOOD MOM!”.  My husband helped to write the line above… about Real Sticks being very high quality. It’s silly really to try and compare Real Sticks to other meat snacks. I will share with you this chart from Vermont Smoke and Cure’s website… the numbers speak for themselves.


Real sticks are gluten free, low carb, dairy free, antibiotic free, contain no MSG or anything artificial. Vermont Smoke and Cure starts with great beef from farmers they trust right here in New England and neighboring Quebec. They use maple syrup from Sweet Retreat Sugarworks in Northfield, VT. Vermont Smoke and Cure takes time to craft all of their products thoughtfully. It’s a labor of love that began over 50 years ago and continues today. Vermont Smoke and Cure recently moved from Barre to Hinesburg to “renovate a portion of a former cheese making facility and turn it into a world-class small facility.  We’re using all of the same methods and recipes, and now can make more ‘damn fine smoked meats for you and make products for farmers to sell or enjoy themselves.  Thank you for being part of our history!”


Each of the Real Sticks has a distinct flavor. The Cracked Pepper Real Sticks are full of bold pepper flavor. The pepper is not overpowering nor is it too spicy. The Chipotle Real Sticks offer a bit more of a kick combined with amazing flavor of cumin, black pepper, and garlic with a touch of sweetness from molasses. Lastly are the BBQ Real Sticks… the favorite of a meat loving four year old in my house. BBQ beef stick… need I really say more? Full of sweet flavor, not spicy at all and as my son says “so, SO, SOOOO GOOD”.  Each Real Stick is juicy, chewy, and filling.

My husband packed a few Real Sticks on hunting trips this fall. We have also given them to our son for snacks and found that because they are protein packed they keep us fuller longer. Real Sticks are great to recharge after a workout or keep nearby for a filling snack.


Vermont Smoke and Cure is happy to share their products with Try Vermont First readers. Enter below to be one of three winners to receive high quality ~ real ~ food: a Real Stick Sampler.

Happy Day!


32 thoughts on “Snackin on real food.

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  2. I sampled these and some of their other products not long ago at the new Brattleboro Co-op. They are delicious. I love that you can pack the stix for snacks or traveling. Thanks for reminding me I NEED to buy some. And I hope to win!

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