A beautiful gift, a wonderful artist.

This giveaway is now over. Please enjoy reading our reviews!

This post is not only going to showcase a talented Vermont artist and offer a great giveaway, but take a trip down memory lane for me!

After finding Jen Martin’s Etsy shop My Little Vermont Quilts I contacted her right away with an idea. Jen’s shop is full of beautiful quilts, wall hangings, and banners. I contacted Jen to see if she was interested in making a baby doll quilt with my daughter’s baby clothes. Jen loved the idea and so the process began.

Jen learned to sew from her mom who owns Island Quilting in North Hero. They work together in Jen’s “satellite studio” at her parent’s house. They not only make and sell quilts and more, but offer their work to charities important to them including the Make-a-Wish foundation and the Alzheimer’s Association of Vermont. Jen told us that “having kids has further fueled my creative side and encouraged me to share the gift of preserving precious memories. I am a sentimental, nostalgic girl myself and I love creating beautiful gifts to preserve beautiful memories. I am honored to be trusted with precious items to fashion into lasting family keepsakes. The emotional responses to these treasures is so rewarding to me.”.

A month ago I sent Jen a package of baby clothes worn by both my son and daughter. I choose a few of my favorite clothes, ones that I remember them wearing, ones that make me smile to think about.


I also sent Jen a picture of a quilt that I had found and pined on Pinterest.

Now onto the nostalgic pictures that help make this post so special. Here are pictures of my kids in a few of the clothes that I sent to Jen (and one with the blanket I sent her which was a newborn favorite).

IMG_3784   IMG_4111  IMG_4230 IMG_4974 DSC05324   IMG_5458

My babies were and are beautiful. They mean the world to me and I love being their mom. Every day they grow and change too fast. I miss my “babies” and am very sentimental about them growing into big, smart, curious, creative,and hilarious kids. The baby stages are so special and go by way too fast.

Jen emailed me a few “sneak peak” pictures before she sent my quilt to me. They took my breath away and made me smile. I was happy and emotional about this treasured gift. When the quilt came in the mail I was both anxious and nervous to see it.


Isn’t it gorgeous? I love the colors and the pattern. I love that Jen used the bird that I sent her that was an extra from a mobile hanging in my daughter’s room. The quilt is soft and perfectly made. Each heart makes me smile. The quilt is full of memories that I hold dear.


Jen made us a bonus gift too… a pillow made from my daughter’s extra lovey (burp cloth).


This is the back of the pillow:


Here is a thought that I think you might agree with. Babies don’t need much. Toddlers don’t need very much either. My daughter is far more interested in the recycling than the toys she has. I know I would love to get a personalized gift from this talented Vermonter for my children more than anything else. I already know that Stella wants a big quilt of her own to match this one for her doll. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, etc…. take note…. a gift certificate to Jen’s shop would make a wonderful gift (baby shower, birth of a baby, baptism, first birthday, second birthday, and more and more and more).




Thank you Jen. My daughter has a piece of art, made in Vermont, made from her baby clothes that I cherish. I look forward to working with you again on more projects!

Jen would like to share her art with you…. see details below on how to win a $50 gift certificate to Jen’s Etsy shop!



17 thoughts on “A beautiful gift, a wonderful artist.

  1. The laptop photo memory quilt would be cherished by me forever! I have two wonderful grandbabies that I would love to cuddle with every night!

  2. beautiful memory quilt! the thing I’d be most interested in on the etsy shpo would be a gift certificate so I could have my own precious quilt made!

  3. I would love love love a lap top memory quilt so I can cuddle up with memories of my babies! What a wonderful idea for those old baby clothes you just can’t bear to part with.

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  5. What beautiful work! I have some baby clothes that have been worn by all four of my children, as well as by several of my nieces and nephews. It would be amazing to have a quilt made with them!

  6. I so loved working on this! From the design concept, to the sweet fabrics and the love and excitement! Now I’m all teary eyed looking at the pictures of your babies in the clothes I worked with and of your daughter playing with her doll and quilt. I appreciate your kind words and wonderful feature here. I’m happy to host this giveaway and look forward to working with the lucky winner!

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