Groovin Tea

This giveaway is now over. Please enjoy reading our reviews!


A few months ago my son was sick with a cold and I wished that I had a kid – friendly tea to give him. Something naturally sweet and soothing.

Soon after that, by chance, I found The Groove Tea Project. Amy Carst and Cathy Stevens Pratt started The Groove Tea Project with a few goals in mind. They wanted to make a tea that their children would enjoy and they wanted to bring art and music into the tea drinking experience. Amy writes: “The Groove Tea Project feels it is important to nurture our children on every level. Not only is what they drink important to us, but so is feeding a child’s creativity. Art is a lively and unending way to excite children and teach them to tap into their vast inside knowledge and joy.”


We were really excited to get a box of tea from Groove Tea. Along with our tea we found stunning artwork from Cathy. There were postcards, prints, and stickers. My son was happy to share his art with his friends and the rest we hung up on our easel which was great art inspiration for my creative kids.


Right away we tried A Little Night Music which is a comforting apple based tea.  It also contains rooibos which helps to aid in digestion and relaxation. While brewing this tea I was overcome with the beautiful aroma. The tea is smooth, sweet, and mellow. There is a brightness from the orange and cinnamon. This was our favorite tea. We gave it away as a favor at our Halloween party and later another mom called me to ask where she could buy this wonderful tea for her family. I am so happy they liked it!


Le Boogie a Velo is a peppermint and vanilla tea created for children like A Little Night Music, but enjoyed just as much by adults. This tea is first very subtle and then hits you with a warm sensation. The vanilla is a very familiar and comforting flavor. The peppermint and rooibos in this tea can aid in digestion and help to sooth an upset stomach. This tea tasted delicious and seemed like a special occasion sweet tea.


I tired Groove Tea’s La Ronda black tea as well. It was definitely more bold than the previously mentioned teas yet not too bold to scare me away. The combination of ginger, clove, and cinnamon offered a hint of sweetness to this tea. Add a splash of milk to make this your perfect morning tea to wake up with.

The Groove Tea Project has a lot to share. Take some time to visit their website and learn more about their tea fundraisers and their efforts to bring tea into local schools. Groove Tea donates 10% of their profits to organizations that support children’s music and art programs. You can buy Groove Tea online and at The Warren Store (Warren), The Green Closet (Waitsfield), The Artisans Gallery (Waitsfield), The Sweet Crunch Bakeshop (Hyde Park), The Shelburne Farms Welcome Center (Shelburne).

See details below on how you can WIN Groove Tea for yourself… and enjoy!




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