Canvas Bag Giveaway

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Here is something that every house needs… a canvas tote bag. Or a few of them. Pack things for the beach, load it up for a trip out of town, fill it with toys for a car ride, use it as a diaper bag, take it to school, etc. There are so many uses for a great bag.

Kelley McCroy from Rutland, VT makes durable and lovely canvas bags and would like to share them with you (more on that below).

Kelley learned to sew at age nine and made it her profession at age 17. Kelley designed her canvas bags out of a need for a bag herself. Since her first large tote she has made several sizes and added organizers as well. Kelley tells us “Let’s just say that I love a challenge and choose to challenge myself constantly”.


“So long story short, I was and still am, passionate about sewing and design. I consider it my meditation, my bliss. I suppose you could also call it an obsession that has allowed me to become quite proficient in every area of sewing and design because I just can’t get enough of it. ” Her passion and dedication are shown in the quality of her work.

Here is more information about the canvas tote bags that Kelley makes:

“The canvas tote is made with light weight canvas that I have double faced (two layers of the canvas with the right sides facing out) and the bottom has an extra reinforcing layer. I have even made the straps for the canvas tote so that they match perfectly. On this canvas tote I combined a wonderful dragonfly print with a basket weave print to give it extra dimension and interest.

When I construct the canvas totes I use a triple straight stitch in a complimentary color that makes the stitch look like top stitching. The stitch is both decorative and structurally strong. The canvas is 100 percent cotton, but I use a high quality 100 percent polyester thread for the stitching to insure a durable, long lasting product.

This canvas tote is easy to care for. You can wash it in your washing machine on the gentle cycle and then dry it in your dryer on a low heat setting. Or if you prefer you can hand wash it and air dry it by hanging it or laying it flat. Because I have not washed the fabric before I made the canvas tote you will see some shrinkage when you do wash it. The fabric will also soften up a bit.

I have made every effort to make this canvas tote a well made and durable item and I would be proud to own it. Truth be told I own and use quite a few of these great canvas totes in all three of the sizes that I make it in.”


Kelley’s totes have become popular with her family and friends, and you can find them, as well as the beautiful quilts she makes, on her Etsy shop. You can find Kelley’s goods at Almost Home Market in Bristol, VT as well.

Enter below to WIN one of Kelley’s bags. We will be giving away the two small totes and the one large tote shown below. Good luck!


Small size tote shown flat which is easier to mail.

Small size tote turned right side out.

Small size tote turned right side out.


Large size tote shown flat (inside out) which is easier to mail.

Happy New Year!


9 thoughts on “Canvas Bag Giveaway

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  2. These are the cutest totes ever! I would LOVE to win this giveaway so I can carry all my daughters knick knacks with ease 🙂

  3. What a great variety of items in your etsy shop. Your craftsmanship looks amazing; thanks for representing Vermont crafters with such high quality goods!! I’m dying to win one of your totes!

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