Fun, Playful, Made in Vermont Toys!

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Happy New Year ~ 2013 ~ and for first time readers…. welcome to Try Vermont First! We hope that you enjoy reading about Vermont products and wish you luck in our giveaways! We continue to be successful thanks to our readers. Help to spread the word about this blog! Thanks!

Now to tonight’s review and giveaway.

Valerie Mazzarella from the Etsy Shop Green Mountain Wee Woolies in Corinth, VT has a rainbow of soft toys made from her own sheep’s wool. Valerie started raising Romney sheep a few years ago and “became hooked on wool”.  She took spinning, felting and weaving classes and from there her Etsy business was born.


I love how playful Valerie’s creations are. The colorful gnomes pictured above come with their own felted wool carrying case. They are solid wood and each is covered in a different color wool crochet. I envision these being played with inside, outside, upstairs, downstairs and everywhere else. They are adorable!


How cute is this castle? The purple is vibrant against the gray wool. The lovely king and queen accompany this castle. This would make a great gift for a young king or queen in your life! Valerie is very creative and has a variety of colors available.


Here is my favorite item that Valerie sent. The crown was first knit from wool yarn and then felted. It is very sturdy and will also stretch a bit as needed. The yellow bird makes extra festive. I happened to have a friend visiting the day before his birthday and let him try on the crown for your viewing pleasure.


He is pretty handsome! Valerie is happy to work with you to make a custom crown to meet your need. These crowns are great for birthday celebrations and are durable enough to be played with everyday.

Thank you Valerie for sharing your fun wears and toys with us. Lucky readers… enter below to win a gift from Valerie and Green Mountain Wee Woolies! Make Valerie’s shop a favorite on your Etsy page and stay in touch with her on Facebook. You can also find her at the Chelsea Farmers Market and the Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival.




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