Six More Winners (Thanks Drew’s!)

Thank you Thank you Thank you Drew’s for hosting such a generous giveaway. My readers have responded in great numbers and they are ready to try your products!

Tonight we are so lucky to pick SIX more winners!


Each winner will receive a jar of Double Fire Roasted and Chipotle Lime Salsas and two jars of Strolling Ranch Dressing. Wow, lucky readers!

Our winners are: splendidandhandsome@, ysb94@, darby.brazoski@, Suprachick2704@, jordan.dunne21@, marcia2720@. Congratulations! I am happy to come over for chips & Drew’s salsa anytime!

Look for Drew’s at a store near you! Remember to enter all of our current giveaway: House 54 Perfumery, Vermont Vanilla, Flourish, Vermont Snuggery, Green Mountain Baked.

Ho Ho Ho,


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