Vermont made DONUTS!

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Are you ready to be dazzled and amazed… by donuts? Mini donuts to be exact!


I was thrilled when a big box of mini donuts arrived at my doorstep last week. I was munching on an apple while multi tasking and wishing I had 10 more awake hours in the day. Suddenly everything became happy. Everything slowed down and I enjoyed a few moist, tasty and fun donuts before life got busy again.


Let me tell you a little about mini donut baker Debbie Mast from Green Mountain Baked in Barre, VT. I asked Debbie what inspired her to start her Etsy business and she told me a story about her two young children. “They LOVE sweets!! Of course their favorites are cupcakes and donuts, yet they NEVER seem to eat the whole cupcake… and ALWAYS the whole donut. So one day I was out shopping and saw a donut pan…I thought they could have their donut and eat it too…. because they are baked and not fried, they are not as bad for you! I also think that any treat that is mini is most always a hit, because you can have 1 or 2 and be satisfied. I tweaked a few recipes, and the mini donut was a HIT!!” Debbie is currently selling her donuts on Etsy but hopes to sell them in local retail stores in 2013. I have a few stores nearby where I would like to see her donuts!


Debbie’s kids suggested egg-less cookie dough donuts to her and my son and I thank them for that. These donuts were such a treat! The donut was just the right size to hold a scoop of sweet chocolate chip cookie dough. These donuts make you smile, they are unique and very special! Bring these to a holiday event (or non-holiday event) and you will be on everyone’s favorite list!


Fall in Vermont means apple cider and we are big fan’s of Debbie’s apple cider donuts. Made with apple cider from Cold Hollow Cider Mill in Waterbury, VT and a blend of aromatic spices, these donuts are delicious! They are light, airy, and just a bit tart from the cider. They are really pretty too.


I am a chocoholic and had eaten a fudge brownie donut before I even opened the other boxes. A chocolate fudge brownie donut with a chocolate glaze with chocolate sprinkles- wow. It’s hard to enjoy just one. Good thing you get 2 dozen donuts with each order.


Are you ready to try Debbie’s donuts? Enter below to be one of two winners! Invite me over and I will enjoy them with you! Think of where you would like to see Debbie’s mini donuts and request them with shop owners.  Remember Green Mountain Baked when you need something sweet, something special, and something local! Support this local and growing business.

Happy Holidays,


36 thoughts on “Vermont made DONUTS!

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  2. What a spiffy idea!! They all look so yummy, but I do believe I’d try the apple cider donuts. Let’s get them at The Freighthouse or any store in Lyndonville or St. Jay; the closer these yummies are, the better!!

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  4. oh my!!!!!! they all look sooo good!! id love to try the sampler haha but if i had to choose one, id prob go for the egg nog .. wait no.. the maple…. nope! the apple cider LOL sooo hard to choose!

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  8. I have to try the Vermont Apple Cider Spice and would like to see them available at Stratton Mountain. What a great aprés ski snack with an Irish coffee!

  9. They ARE fantastic! Just the right size for a tiny treat and almost too pretty to eat. I have tried several varieties and am a repeat customer. We even gave some of them as a birthday gift, they were devoured! So happy for Debbie!

  10. They all look AMAZING, how am I to choose just one?? The Cookies and Cream look great, but so do the fudge brownie and the cookie dough. I would love to see these and buy them every morning at Greg’s Meat Market in Middlebury!

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