Drew’s Amazing Salsa

This giveaway is now over. Please enjoy reading our reviews!

Upon first taste of Drew’s Salsa my face lit up and although no one was in the room with me I exclaimed “Wow, that is amazing salsa!”. I proceeded to taste taste taste while I snapped a few pictures.


Chef Drew Starkweather began his business in 1995 and since has been picked up by a natural foods distributor, achieved organic certification, and won numerous awards.

Now let’s talk about salsa… Drew’s Organic Double Fire Roasted Medium Salsa blew me away. It is the salsa that I am calling “amazing!”. There is a depth of flavor that you do not often find in salsa. Drew roasts Organic Anaheim peppers, peels them, and roasts them again. The peppers are paired with tomatoes, garlic, cilantro and spices. The salsa is addicting and you will find in no time that your jar is empty and you are sad. Plan ahead… buy two jars.


We also enjoyed taste testing Drew’s Organic Chipotle Lime Medium Salsa. This salsa has a bold chipotle flavor that is smoky and delicious. Enjoy this salsa with chips or use it to jazz up dinner. Keep an eye on Drew’s Facebook page where you will find recipes using their products. I would like to submit a recipe for Honi’s Hot and Tasty Tacos featuring Drew’s Organic Chipotle Lime Medium Salsa. Shred cooked chicken and let it sit in the salsa for up to an hour. Then stuff your taco shell with the marinated chicken, beans, tomatoes, cheese and whatever else you enjoy. Top with more salsa (and maybe a bit more cheese) and enjoy. Make a few, one is never enough.


Drew’s is located in Chester, VT and has 25 employees (maybe I could become #26 as an official taste tester). In addition to salsa they have over a dozen dressings such as Sesame Orange, Buttermilk Ranch, Smoked Tomato, and Lemon Goddess. I will be picking up a few dressings the next time I am out. I want to try them all! Interestingly Drew’s participates in Green Mountain Powers Renewable Energy program. Learn more about this on Green Mtn Power’s website; in short  “we take cow manure, work some magic, turn it into methane, and then use that methane to generate electricity”. That is very Vermont of them!

We are excited to share that Drew’s is hosting a very generous giveaway with you. See below for details on how to enter this giveaway!




30 thoughts on “Drew’s Amazing Salsa

  1. I love Drew’s products. My favorite way to season collards or kale is with a dash of Smokey Tomato dressing. The double fire roasted salsa appeals to me. So glad Drew’s is springing for real lime juice – a must for true salsa.

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  6. I’d love to try these products! Love, love, love salsa and anything with ranch dressing. Liked all sites on FB, too. Thanks!

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