Keeping warm in Vermont (Giveaway!)

This giveaway is now over. Please enjoy reading our reviews!

Baby it’s cold outside.

Living in Vermont I have come to understand that the best way to get through the long winter months is to fully enjoy them. Play in the snow, ski, build snow people, snowshoe, etc. Don’t let the lack of sun and the low temperatures keep you inside.

That being said, I should note that I hate to be cold. I put on layers and must have a warm hat on my head. I have found the warmest hats to be from Turtle Fur in Morrisville, VT. Turtle Fur sent hats to my family and wants to send a hat to you too. More details on that below.

I have been wearing this lovely cable knit hat lined with faux fur. It’s beyond warm and it’s really pretty. I love it and highly recommend this hat. Green is one of my favorite colors and the pop of pink is a lovely feminine touch. This hat is also made in purple and white.

Turtle Fur also sent me the hat below, which I like to call my “Stylish Vermont Mama” hat. It’s a wool blend hat lined with (warm) fleece. The buffalo plaid is traditionally found worn by men in November. But Turtle Fur has add a ruffle to make this design work for women too. It’s super cute.

Below you will also see my son in his “Villie Chamilly Hat” from Turtle Fur. The bright orange color is playful and the creeping creature is fun and delightful for a four year old. Because this hat is lined with Turtle Fur Fleece it’s warm enough for long days in the Vermont cold. My son could stay outside for hours and keeping him warm is a top priority!

(My apologies for the self portrait. This picture wasn’t staged as a blog photo, we just happened to have our hats on enjoying a fun fall day.)

The last hat I want to share with you is a Vermont Original earflap knit hat. It’s sized for adults, but my four year old has made it his new winter hat. Wool and fleece paired together made this hat one to keep your ears warm, and possibly make them sweat!

Here is more information about Turtle Fur’s Vermont Originals: “Vermont Originals was founded in 1971 by a business professor from Cornell and one of his students as a case study on cottage industry for the Cornell Business School.
 The main products are 100% wool hats knit in the traditional handcrafted manner by knitters in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. These skills have been handed down from generation to generation by their mothers, aunts, cousins or sisters. In addition to having a beautiful collection of 100% handcrafted hats, Vermont Originals also specializes in knitting logos for teams, schools and resorts directly into the hats.”

The Turtle Fur Group produce over 400,000 hats and over 400,000 neck warmers each year! They have a talented group of “turtles” working both in Vermont and in other US states. Turtle Fur finds many ways to give back to the community. Each year before the holidays they send boxes of hats, gloves and more to homeless and family shelters throughout Vermont and New England. Let’s all give a high five, a cheer, and word of thanks to Turtle Fur for their generosity and compassion!

Two lucky blog readers will also get a chance to stay warm with Turtle Fur this winter. See below for details on how to enter this giveaway! Thank you Turtle Fur!

Stay warm,


44 thoughts on “Keeping warm in Vermont (Giveaway!)

  1. I would love the turtle fu kids earflap chelonia and the matching mittens for my son. I also love the fleece blanket for babies.

  2. so many great hats…so hard to pick one. I went with the first one that caught my eye.
    Turtle Fur – Chroma, Classic Hand Crafted 100% Wool, Original Turtle Fur Fleece Lined, Knit Hat

  3. I love pretty much everything on this website, but I would probably choose the Dear Deer hat in green with the ear flaps. It’s so adorable and looks super warm!

  4. So many beautiful items.. I would select the FU-R Headwear – Hatcher, Hand Knit in Nepal, Wool, Fleece Lined, Brim Hat in Fuschia. Good Luck to everyone!

  5. I love the cable knit lined with fur pictures here. The closest thing I could find on their website to it though is the Dewey Knit trapper style lined with faux fur.

  6. what beautiful hats! I would love to win! I especially LOVE your hat with the ear flaps Honi. Thanks for sharing, and as always, what a great blog you have:)

    • Beautiful hats! Which one… well….. how about the FU-R Headwear – Head In The Trees, Knit Fleece Lined Trapper Hat
      Item No. P511255 . They are so many choices. Thank You for sharing! VT First !

  7. Thanks for sharing this giveaway! I would love to get FU-R Headwear – Spindle, Hand Knit, Fully Fleece Lined, Hat. Thanks!

  8. I would go for the FU-R Headwear – Jynx, Hand Knit in either green or indigo for my daughter. she just got her very first snowboard and this would be AWESOME to keep her warm while she’s having fun! 🙂

  9. Love the FU-R Headwear – B52, Trapper Hat, Brown for my son who told me that he wants a hat JUST like this. And I want a Vermont Original. And there are probably twenty more that I would rotate. I love winter for the hats!

  10. Wow, very impressed with Turtle Fur and they are so close to where I live! I will have to take a trip and visit! I loved the hats, especially Head in the Trees! Looks like a beauty and really warm!!!! Thanks for the post and giveaway!

  11. I would LOVE the Turtle Fur – Fog Free (Cold Weather Breathing System) Balaclava, Fleece so I can stay cozy warm while running in the winter!

  12. I would get the Turtle Fur – Dear Deer, Classic Hand Crafted Wool, Original Turtle Fur Fleece Lined, Earflap Knit Hat. So cute!

  13. There are so many beautiful hats on their website but the one that catches my eye is the Head In The Trees, Knit Fleece Lined Trapper Hat in the Amethyst color. It looks super warm and stylish at the same time!

  14. The “FU-R Headwear – Parlez (Femmes), Hand Knit, Faux Fur Fleece Lined, Earflap Hat” is gorgeous. I’d go for either that or the Mariah cowl.

  15. I would like the FU-R Headwear – Parlez (Femmes), Hand Knit, Faux Fur Fleece Lined, Earflap Hat Item No P486155 in WHITE! I love it!

  16. FU-R Headwear – Falcore, Hand Knit, Fully Fleece Lined, Earflap Hat
    Item No. P487455
    This hat is super cute and will match my winter coat! I love Turtle Fur, I sleep with a turtle fur blanket all winter long and it is my favorite blanket EVER!

  17. I think I 1st wore turtle fur the year they came out – I’ve been raving about their neck gaiters ever since. I love the feel of the fur, and it never makes you itchy.

  18. I would love the FU-R Headwear – Chilanka, Hand Knit, Wool Blend, Fleece Lined, Beanie Hat for playing in the snow with the kids or shoveling the driveway.

  19. I would love the cable knit lined with fur pictured! I absolutely love it! I am always cold and addicte to hats and am so excited to pick out some great hats at!!!

  20. I’d love the super cute Mary Jane turtle fur slippers for the cold winter stretched out ahead of us! Who knew Turtle Fur made slippers?! How awesome is that?!

  21. I would choose the Turtle Fur Artisan Made – Mika Fingerless Mittens, Hand Knit in Nepal, 100% Wool, Fleece Lined, Fingerless Mittens. They look stylish and warm!

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