Try Vermont First 101

Cheers to me and my 101st blog post. Just seven months ago a jar of Vermont Peanut Butter sparked the idea for this blog… find and try Vermont made products, brag about them, and support the Vermont economy. Support neighbors and friends. Show my children the importance of buying locally.

Since then I have met wonderful Vermont entrepreneurs who strive to put out the best product. They are passionate about what they make and produce. Their enthusiasm is contagious. I continue to be surprised by the variety of products made in Vermont. I am working on a  big “reminder post” to recap all of the products I have sampled and tested.

With less than 50 days until Christmas I encourage you to Try Vermont First this holiday season. Shopping locally you will find beautiful and thoughtful gifts, holiday decor, cards, and many, many holiday sweets and treats. I do believe that it’s more important than ever to put your dollar back into our Vermont economy.

Thanks for letting me ramble on and share a little TVF 101. Thank you also for your ongoing support of my blog!! Keep sharing the Try Vermont First love!



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