Vermont Natural Coatings review and giveaway!

This giveaway is now over. Please enjoy reading our reviews!

If you have been reading this blog for awhile you know that I love to clean, specifically my floors. I again thank my Dad for this wonderful bit of OCD. As my children get older and messier I am always looking for all natural cleaners that do their job and are safe to use everyday.

Currently I am using a non-toxic wood cleaner from Vermont Natural Coatings in Hardwick, VT. This vegetable based cleaner leaves no harsh smells or fumes and is in fact unscented (major selling point for me). I have used this cleaner in a variety of ways. I add a bit to hot water to clean my hard wood floors. I spray the cleaner directly onto our hardwood floors under my daughter’s highchair when she has not enjoyed her dinner and thrown most of it down. My floors are left perfectly clean. There is no reside, no streaks, and again, no smell. I have also used the wood cleaner to clean my hardwood dinning room table. This cleaner has easily cleaned up after meals and messy art projects. I am happy with the performance of this cleaner and will continue to use it in many rooms of my home.

Vermont Natural Coatings has developed a line of wood finishes with a product called PolyWhey. Many of you know that whey is a byproduct of cheese making (“curds and whey”… the whey is the watery part). Vermont Natural Coating’s Andrew Meyer and Dr. Mingruo Guo have “created a premium wood coating that [is] tougher and safer than existing products, with recycled whey protein as the linchpin ingredient”.

I invite you to learn more on Vermont Natural Coating’s website. Watch the videos and read the case studies. It’s clear that VNC hangs their hat on a barn door, keeping agriculture and sustainability first and foremost in their mission. I found this comparison sheet very informative and inspiring. If you are looking for a green, natural, and durable wood finish find a realtor that carries Vermont Natural Coatings.

Vermont Natural Coatings has very generously offered to send six Try Vermont First readers a bottle of their non-toxic wood cleaner. They must have known and wanted to celebrate that this is my 100th blog post! See giveaway details below and enter now! Thank you VNC, for hosting this giveaway and for the many great products you make in Vermont.

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