Cookie Doodlez Halloween Party

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This weekend I hosted a Halloween party for a few of our best buddies. We played games, told stories, and then decorated cookies. I am not sure which was louder… the “YEAH” from the kids when I said it was time to decorate cookies, or the “OHHHHH AWWWWWHHH” from the Moms when they saw the cookies and decorations. Either way, our Halloween party was made a great success thanks to Cookie Doodlez in Milton, VT.

Cookie Doodlez owner Tricia Becker graciously sent me a huge box of cookies, frosting, and decorations, what she calls a “Drop-n-Go Box”. We got 30+ cookies, 5 colors of frosting, and 10 different types of sprinkles.

The sugar cookies from Cookie Doodlez were buttery, sweet, soft, and delicious. I enjoyed a few while prepping everything for the kids. Moms at our Halloween party were amazed at how uniform and perfect each cookie was.

Tricia started her cookie business three years ago when her son’s school asked her to bake giant cookies for a school fundraiser. She had as much fun as the kids decorating gingerbread cookies with gumdrops, candy canes and royal icing glue. Tricia saw the need for fun birthday activities for kids and began hosting Giant Cookie parties. To share the cookie love she created Drop-N-Go boxes which offer a similar experience at a different price point. Tricia’s artistic hand then led her to decorating cookie favors, which have now become the majority of her business. She sells over 10,000 custom decorated cookies a year and ships them all over the country. Tricia sent us a jack-o-lantern cookie that she decorated. Cute huh?

A few of our younger friends could not wait to eat their cookie. I can’t blame them!

Back to our party… it was so much fun! All of the kids had a great time decorating cookies. They squirted frosting and took their time to carefully place hundreds of sugary sprinkles and candy. We saw a few traditional pumpkins, but mostly we saw bright and colorful creations. The creativity of each child’s edible piece of art was beautiful!

Beautiful and delicious! In the past I have cringed from overfly frosted cookies made by my four year old, but Tricia’s cookies and frosting were great and not two sweet. I will admit that I ate a few pretty cookies at once, it was hard to stop.

Are you ready to decorate cookies? Or would you like custom designed cookies just for you? Tricia has offered a choice of a Drop-N-Go box or one dozen custom cookies to one Try Vermont First reader! Simply enter your email below to enter this giveaway. Comment on this blog post letting us know what you would do with your prize and you will earn an extra entry. Two more entries can be earned by liking Try Vermont First and Cookie Doodlez on Facebook.

Remember Tricia, and Cookie Doodlez when you need beautiful cookies, or a fantastic party activity. They are in Etsy too.



32 thoughts on “Cookie Doodlez Halloween Party

  1. This is such a great idea! I wish I thought of it myself! My best friend and I have been making Christmas cookies for about 25 years now ( wow, we’re getting old). She’s coming to visit me at the end of the month with her twins and we already have a plan to make x mas cookies. This would be a great treat for our get together!

  2. Each year at my mother in laws the grandchildren get together and decorate Christmas cookies. I would love to give them these to decorate.

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  4. I’m going home for the holidays coming up and if I won I would take the cookies along with me for my family and I to do a little bonding with my niece who is 3 years old. It would be so much fun and laughter in the kitchen!

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