Ba Ba Beautiful sheep

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I love to get the mail everyday. I anxiously look through the pile to see if there is something more exciting than bills and junk mail. It’s an extra special day if we get something personalized…  card, a letter, or a postcard.

As much as I love to get mail I love to send it even more. I love the idea of happy friends and family as they find a card from my family in their mailbox. I send cards every week. Sometimes they are from me, but often they are handwritten notes from my 4 year old. He likes to send cards to his cousins, his grandparents, his great grandparents and even to friends that he sees at school everyday.

Recently I found beautifully painted cards by North Fayston artist Cathy Stevens-Pratt from Happy Soup Shoppe. Cathy told me that “art is essential, not just fluff- it is a staple of life”. Cathy aims to paint whimsical and inspiring art. Her playful sheep come from neighborhood sheep she sees not far from her house.

I asked Cathy if she still sends “snail mail” and she responded by telling me: “I make art specifically to be handled and weathered by its journey thru the mail system. My artist friends and I decide upon a theme, or a color and size, then make some art. Usually it is a postcard. So the art is not hidden inside an envelope. It is out there for everyone to see and touch and hopefully it makes them smile or just curious. I’ve been doing this since I was in college. Each day when I go to my mailbox I may have a surprise waiting for me. Just like a little kid, it feels so great.”

Do you still love to send cards? Would you like to send gorgeously painted cards from a talented Vermont artist? Cathy is happy to share her sheep cards with two Try Vermont First winners. See below for details on this giveaway. Note that leaving a comment on this blog earns you one extra entry!

I’ll thank Cathy with a snail mail card soon!



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