Vermont Maple Cookies


This giveaway is now over. Please enjoy reading our reviews!

Maybe I shouldn’t blog about the following cookies and let everyone know, but I have found a new *perfect* item to give friends and family for the holidays: Vermont Maple Cookies from The Sweet Crunch Bakeshop in Hyde Park.

These cookies at the best sellers at the Bakeshop and owner Debbie Burritt tells us they bake and sell over 40,000 Vermont Maple Cookies a year. TV personality and chef Rachel Ray bragged about these cookies on her show last year saying “These cookies are good“.

I love these cookies because they are made with pure Vermont maple syrup from Butternut Farms in Morrisville. The distinct maple flavor is bright and bold with your first bite. The cookies are a bit crunchy and melt in your mouth. They are very sweet and buttery. They are great on their own, or with ice cream.

You can find Vermont Maple Cookies in over 40 New England stores. I ask you… when you are visiting a store for a quick snack do you look to make sure that it’s made locally? You should! And look for goodies and snacks from the Sweet Crunch Bakeshop.

The Sweet Crunch Bakeshop has dozens of sweet, chocolaty, and personalized treats. See their website for more goodies and information on corporate gifts, wedding cakes and more.

Debbie would like you to try her Vermont Maple Cookies. See details below on how to enter this giveaway!

Have a sweet week.

**EDIT: You now have until Thursday, November 2nd to enter this giveaway. You can thank Sandy for this.**


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