Grateful for this artist

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Lynn McGrath from Lil’ Ella Bella Etsy shop in Killington, VT is one of the most enthusiastic artists that I have met. Her creativity radiates, pushing her to make the most fascinating and memorable pieces of art.

When Lynn and I first spoke she generously offered to create custom painted light switch plates for my family. I didn’t know then the impact that her art would have on me and the appreciation I would have for a painted light switch cover.

I sent Lynn pictures of my 4 year old son’s room, which is decorated with a large painted barn. He has barn and nature themed accessories and loves animals, specifically deer, which he can sometimes watch from his bedroom window. I gave Lynn free creative range to paint as she wanted to.

Here is the very fun, whimsical, and personalized light switch plate that now has a home in my son’s room:

It’s great, right? The first thing that my son noticed were the deer. This is such a fun addition to his room!

I also sent Lynn pictures of my daughter’s room. She is 18 months and has a hand me down room from her brother. It’s blue with a mural painted in one wall. The mural has a tree and birds that we find outside our house. I have accented her room with touches of pink.

Not too long ago my grandmother gave me a quilt that she had sewn when she was a teenager. It’s a gorgeous patchwork of different colors, textures, and fabrics. I knew right away this would be a special addition to my daughter’s room. The quilt lives on the floor, so we always have a soft place to sit and read books or sing songs, and talk about Great Memere’s quilt. I told Lynn about the quilt and she wanted to see pictures of it as well as the pictures of the room.

Here is a picture of my daughter’s room and her quilt:

Lynn surprised me by making a light switch cover to resemble the quilt! The kids and I often play a game where we pick our favorite fabric on the quilt. Lynn could not have known, but she picked a few of our most favorite! It took my breath away to see my grandmother’s quilt now on the wall as a light switch cover. I am so glad that Lynn choose to paint this cover this way.

Here is the beautiful piece of art Lynn gave to my daughter:

It’s a patchwork of family, memories, and love. Thank you Lynn!

Lynn’s artwork would make a perfect baby shower gift. Or a special home warming gift. Her shop is full of art: jewelry, hair accessories, ornaments, hand painted signs and more. She is willing to make personalized and custom pieces. Please check out her shop to see for yourself.

Lynn is passionate about her art and she wants to share it with you! Enter below to win your choice of light switch from Lynn’s shop, or a custom piece! Good luck, and thank you again to Lynn!

With happiness,


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