Duck Duck, Eggs!

This giveaway is now over. Please enjoy reading our reviews!

A dear friend Melissa Pierce recently asked me if I would like to review and share her duck’s eggs with my blog readers.

“Um, sure.”

I told Melissa that I was honestly hesitant to try duck eggs. I wasn’t really sure why I was hesitant. They just seemed so different.

She sent me a few links and I did a little research of my own and learned the following:

Duck Eggs have more Omega 3 fatty acid than chicken eggs.

“A duck egg yolk has more fat than a chicken egg and it’s white has more protein. This means the white builds a loftier structure when whipped and the extra fat makes the baked good richer. Fluffier and richer? Um, yeah! This, my friend, is how old farm ladies win state fair baking competitions.” (

By using the duck eggs I found that they are larger than chicken eggs, have a much thicker shell (which allows them to have a longer shelf life), and the yolk to whites ratio is much larger.

I put the eggs to the test in a variety of ways. I made French Toast, blueberry muffins, and scrambled eggs. I can tell you that I found no taste difference between chicken eggs and duck eggs. My children didn’t notice a difference either. We had a week of really tasty breakfasts thanks to Melissa’s ducks. Everything was light and fluffy and tasty!

The eggs that Melissa and her family sell are being used in bakeries and restaurants in the Montpelier area. Birchgrove Bakery uses these duck eggs for their yellow cakes and Skinny Pancake uses them on Sundays for a special called Quackos Rancheros (love it!).

You can find Melissa’s organic, free range duck eggs at the Hunger Mtn Coop and Uncommon Market, both in Montpelier. Look for eggs from the North Branch Alpaca Farm (in addition to their 50 ducks they have alpacas, chickens, ducks and a few inside pets too).

Melissa, and North Branch Alpaca Farm want to you Try Vermont First. They are giving away a half dozen eggs to two winners (Montpelier pickup). Simply leave a comment below letting us know if you have ever tried duck eggs before. Our winners will be chosen on Monday, October 22nd at 10PM. This giveaway has been extended until Tuesday, October 23rd at 10AM. Tell your friends. Good luck!

Thanks Melissa and family.



15 thoughts on “Duck Duck, Eggs!

  1. Oh my! I LOVE duck eggs, and would be so delighted to win a dozen, especially given how expensive they are. I buy them as a treat, and I have to say that duck eggs taste different on my palate than chicken eggs. They are gamier and full of “umame” I might get ducks some day, because I love their eggs so much…

    • Geraldine, I definitely agree with the Umame taste (was just talking with my fourth graders about that as we discussed the sense of taste for science..). We have 25 chickens too (and goats, alpacas..) but we love love love our ducks. Let me know if/when you decide to get ducks, we can chat!

  2. Ditto, Julie! Awesome! I would also love to try them! I am always up for fluffy baked goods & the better for you; I’m in!!

  3. I LOVE duck eggs! Especially for baking! We raised ducks on our homestead in Ripton and I always found them richer than the chicken eggs. I’m psyched to know I can get them locally!

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