Hop, skip, and jump to Nutty Steph’s!

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Here is another place to love. Another place to visit. Another place to Try Vermont First!

Nutty Steph’s is located on Rte 2 in Middlesex, VT. They are famous for their granola and more. Nutty Steph’s should have a big neon sign above its door saying “TREAT TREATS TREATS!”. Their store is full of delicate and luxurious treats!

We stopped in at Nutty Steph’s to pick up their new Magic Chunks. I will suggest that when you buy the Magic Chunks you buy multiple bags, three or four maybe? They will be gone before you know it, and you will be sad until you get more. This versatile snack candy is made with Nutty Steph’s original nutty granola. This granola is PACKED with more nuts that you can imagine, including almonds, hazelnuts, and walnuts. Then granola meets it’s new friend, dark chocolate, and together they make magic and are addicting.

Right now you are trying to reach into your computer screen to snag one of my Magic Chunks, right? Don’t worry, Nutty Steph’s wants you to try Vermont first too! See the details below on how to enter to win a bag of Magic Chunks!

When I asked Nutty Steph’s owner Jaquelyn Rieke why she started her business she told me it was because she, “Happened to possess the recipe for the world’s most delicious granola.  However, it could have been anything – I’ve started businesses since I could hold out my hand to another person.  It’s just what I do!  As it turns out, Vermont is the most fabulous place to be an entrepreneur, and delicious food is a great thing to have at my infinite disposal!”

The granola that she speaks of is delicious! Today my son asked for granola with his yogurt and I gave him a little bowl of Nutty Steph’s maple almond granola. He responded “Wow this has a lot of nuts, I might need more of this!”. He continued to need two more bowls of granola, even though his yogurt was long gone. Jaquelyn and her team make 1,500 pounds of granola at a time. That’s a lot of granola! Jaquelyn tells us that with the kitchen space they could easily make and sell more.

I encourage you to visit Nutty Steph’s and see their full line of sweet confections. There is something to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth. Nutty Steph’s makes and sells over two dozen different chocolate bars. Everything from milk chocolate, to dark, and darker chocolate. Chocolate with fruit, nuts, and other goodies like ginger, pretzels, and popcorn. Jaquelyn tells us that the best sellers are the Lemon Ginger Pecan Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt Ecuadorian Dark Chocolate. I will agree that the sweetness from the lemon and the warmth from the ginger make this dark chocolate bar something special! The Maple Walnut bar was bursting with large chunks of walnuts. The Pina Colda bar was gone in a matter of minutes! The chewiness from the dried fruit played well with the creamy white chocolate.

Visit Nutty Steph’s newly redesigned website and read about all of the fun things they have going on! Soon my friends and I will visit their “Bacon Thursday” and I will be sure to let you know about it! Thank you Jaquelyn for hosting a giveaway with Try Vermont First!



5 thoughts on “Hop, skip, and jump to Nutty Steph’s!

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  3. Hey Honi, a little late I know, but winning this entry has revolutionized my upcoming holiday shopping! My family of chocoholics are covered! Thank you for the review!

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