Flouish Natural Body Care review & giveaway

This giveaway is now over. Please enjoy reading our reviews!

Let me introduce you to another Vermont made product to add to your shopping list: Flourish Natural Body Care. Flourish sent me a wonderful box filled with their products to try, test, and review.  I am happy to now share that review with you.

First I want to share a bit of Flourish’s story, and I am going to quote Flourish’s owner Kirsten Connor from a recent email she sent me.

“On the morning of the storm [Hurricane Irene] we were out in our garden planning on harvesting as much as possible and making pickles.  Around noon we walked out across the field to the river and it was almost to the edge of it’s banks- which was shocking because the day before we had all gone tubing down the river and had to walk our tubes in many places because it was so low.  Normally, there is a 20 ft drop down to the river across our field.  We still never thought that the river could come over it’s banks and even then there is a big crest in the field and our house is 200 yards away.  At about 1:00 we were still in the garden and started to see propane tanks, kayaks, picnic tables and all sorts of other outdoor lawn items zipping past.  Darren, my husband felt that it was no longer safe in the field and told the kids to stay inside.  About 15 minutes later, he was on the phone and saw that water was flowing backwards in the trench separating the two fields.  He yelled to me to start taking stuff upstairs and ran outside to close the barn doors.  At this point you could hear the water cascading into our basement.  Within 20 minutes the first floor of our house was under 6 ft of water.

Our house was a duplex and we used one lower level as the production space.   The entire interior of the house had to be gutted, bleached and dried out. We lived at my parents with 5 of our 6 kids and our dog for 7 months while our house was rebuilt.
Prior to the flood we had taken out a $50,000 HE loan to help us expand our business with new equipment, renovations etc. as we had just gotten into WholeFoods.   The bank had required flood insurance of $50,000 to cover their interests.  That is all the money we had to rebuild with and it disqualified us for any help from FEMA.
Losing our business (No Flood Insurance or reimbursement of any kind) and our home was devastating.  We had a lot of support from friends and family who encouraged us to move forward -we kept track of volunteer labor for the bank requirements of disbursement of our $50,000- and it totaled over 900 hours of labor just to do the demolition.  Everyone encouraged us to move forward with the business as it seemed we had been on the brink of real success.  We applied for loans and searched for space to rent to begin to rebuild.  Unfortunately that also involved zoning applications etc. and by the time we got up and running we had lost much of our shelf space with almost all of our accounts. 
 We have also had a lot of support and encouragement along the way.  When we get great customer feedback it definitely makes it all worthwhile.”
Powerful huh? I can not imagine being in Kirsten’s shoes as a mother, a wife, and a homeowner. Let alone a business owner. Now let me tell you about their great products!
I have been using Flourish’s Lavender & Mint hair care for a few weeks. I actively sought Vermont made shampoo and conditioner and am thrilled with these products from Flourish. Kirsten recently pointed out to me that we use body care products everyday, but often don’t put thought into where they are made or how they are made. I trust this company and their products and like that my hair care is being made just a few hours away, right here in Vermont. Last week I had my hair cut and the salon stylist went on and on about how silky and well treated my hair is. That compliment is being passed on to Flourish for their great shampoo and conditioner!
The Honey Blossom sugar body polish is a lot of fun to use and left my skin feeling smooth and moisturized after just one use. The blend of sugars and oils gently exfoliates your skin and the honey blossom scent is addicting!
I keep Lemongrass body lotion next to my kitchen sink. Every time I wash my hands I then lather on the thick lotion to keep my hands well hydrated. The scent is clean and fresh and the lotion quickly absorbs into my skin.
Flourish Body Care products can be found all over New England and can be purchased on their website. I encourage you to ask your local store to carry Flourish and/or to expand what they currently carry. Tell them that you want well made Vermont hair and body products and that you read about Flourish on Try Vermont First.
Kirsten wants YOU to try her products! Enter below to be one of two winners in our Flourish Body Care giveaway!

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