Distler’s Pretzels

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I am incredibly motivated by Alec Distler of Distler’s Pretzels, and I think that you will be as well. Just 4 years ago, while in the 8th grade, Alec was given a challenge of learning about something new. He chose to learn more about entrepreneurship and has since grown a successful business that expands over all of the lower 48 sates (internet sales).

Distler’s Pretzels come in 5 flavors: Ranch, Maple, Spicy, X-tra Spicy and Firey. I shared each flavor with friends and family who came to our annual corn roast last weekend. The ranch pretzels were clear favorites with the kids. I think one little boy went back for more 5 or 6 times.

Everyone enjoyed the maple pretzels. Alec uses pure Vermont maple syrup from Butternut Maple Farms in Morrisville, VT. The syrup forms a candy like crunch on top of the pretzel making a jazzed up and fancy pretzel bite!

I found that my hand was in the bowl of spicy pretzels all night long. I combined the spicy, x-tra spicy, and fiery into one bowl. These pretzels are salty, hot, and incredibly addictive! Distler’s has made a great blend of spices including onion, garlic, and cayenne pepper. I found the addition of dill made me go “hmmmm”. It was a surprise flavor that works very well!

As well as donating lots of product to area charitable events, Distler’s has donated over $1,000 in monetary donations in the last 6 months as part of their commitment to give back to the community. As Alec looks ahead to college next year he has hopes to major in business/economics and would like to continue to play football. He has a few new pretzel flavors in mind too so look for them in your local stores! We saw them today in Shaw’s! Distler’s Pretzels are a Vermont made, high quality snack!



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