Vermont yummies for babies!

This giveaway is now over. Please enjoy reading our reviews!

Recently I met Allyson Spanier, founder and owner of Vermont Baby. Allyson was selling her line of organic baby food at the Farmer’s Market in Montpelier, and I just happened to have a hungry baby with me. Perfect!

On her website Allyson explains why she started Vermont Baby: “I wanted to provide parents with some unique, healthy, tasty options that they would feel good about feeding to their babies.” She has met these goals! The baby food that she makes is purely Vermont with local ingredients such as beets from Foote Brook Farm in Johnson, spinach from Hazendale Farm in Greensboro, and peaches from Champlain Orchards in Shoreham. Her smooth purees are perfect for babies just starting solids, and can be expanded upon for older babies and toddlers. We mixed Allyson’s sweet potato & peaches with oatmeal for breakfast.

Allyson sent me home from the Farmer’s Market with a jar of each flavor: sweet potato & peaches, squash & apples, spinach & pears, beets & blueberries. I decided to host a group of 18 month olds for a Try Vermont First/Vermont Baby taste test.

The babies were eager to eat and all very happy with their Vermont Baby food! My daughter fed herself spoonful after spoonful of sweet potatoes & peaches.  They ate, and ate, and ate! There was a bit of sharing and some tears when the food was taken away (to move inside where it was warmer). My 4 year old son felt a little left out and asked to taste test the beets & blueberries. I was happy to serve him Vermont Baby for lunch and he enjoyed it all! Beets & blueberries got a big thumbs up!

I think there is a lot of social and peer pressure put on parents to make their own organic baby food. The reality is that today’s parents are busier than ever. We multitask, over schedule ourselves, and are walking around with lots and lots of Mommy guilt.  Vermont Baby takes the guilt out of buying jarred baby food (at least for me). I feel confident that when I buy Vermont Baby food I am buying wholesome, hearty, well made food with a Mommy stamp of approval. Vermont Baby also passes this Mommy’s taste test. Compare Vermont Baby to any other jarred baby food and you will ask yourself this “where did the flavor go?”. Vermont Baby tastes like FOOD, not “baby food” watery mush, but wonderfully rich flavors.

You can find Vermont Baby at a Farmer’s Market near you and at The Farm Store in Jeffersonville. I encourage you to ask for Vermont Baby at your local grocery store or Co-Op! Supporting this Mama Entrepreneur is something I am happy to do and I hope that you will as well! Learn more about Allyson and Vermont baby by reading her recent interview with Mama Says and learn how you can get free Vermont Baby food at a Farmer’s Market near you!

And….. now YOU can try Vermont Baby! See details and enter below!

Happy week!


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