Vermont Nut Free Chocolates

Vermont Nut Free Chocolates in Grand Isle, VT was started in 1998 by a thoughtful and creative mom, Gail Elvidge. Gail wanted to be able to offer nut free products to children and adults with nut allergies; children like her own son who has a life threatening peanut allergy. VNFC understands the unknowns that people with nut allergies must look out for such as mysterious ingredients and multi-use processing facilities. They have made a commitment to making top quality, carefully made, and completely nut free chocolates and snacks.

My family enjoyed opening this shiny gold box from Vermont Nut Free Chocolates. Inside we found six gourmet chocolate truffles. I particularly liked the orange apricot truffle set in white chocolate which was sweet, smooth, chewy (with dried apricots), and a wonderful treat! I would like to say that I got to try each truffle, but someone else found them even though they were hidden in the fruit drawer! Don’t pass this gold box treat the next time you see it!

Vermont Nut Free has many great products! I suggest trying their chocolate dipped pretzels. I never knew the how well paired the two were. The crunchy pretzels offered a bit of saltiness to offset the sweet and richness from the chocolate. They are as addicting as potato chips. Don’t attempt eat just one. Try the dark, the milk, and the white chocolate; they compliment each other perfectly.

My son and I were excited to try VNFC’s Tanabars. We generally really like bars and often make them at home. Lately I have not made bars as my son’s classroom is Nut Free so this is only a snack he would enjoy a home. Tanabars are nut free, and therefore very easy to pack into my son’s school lunch (or my own). When I opened my Very Berry Tanabar I said “Whoa, that’s a solid bar”. My husband laughed at me and asked what I meant. It’s huge compared to other bars that you can buy in the store. I cut mine in half and shared it. I could easily see packing 1/2 of a bar in my son’s lunch box. The bar was sweet, chewy, and filling. We really liked the Very Berry flavor which had large bits of dried cranberries. I am glad to have found a nut free, chewy granola bar that my son can take to school.

If you are searching for Halloween treats check out Vermont Nut Free’s large selection of goodies! The filled pumpkins would be a great gift. VNFC also carry a line of trail mixes, all nut free of course! Safe for those with nut allergies, and safe to bring to a nut free school!

You will find dozens of nut free chocolates and goodies at Vermont Nut Free Chocolates. Why not try them all?



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