Vermont Peace Sauce Review & Giveaway

Chicken, ribs, pork….. try them all with Vermont Peace Sauce!

Vermont Peace Sauce, made by locals Jade and Shannon, has been a recipe striving to reach perfection for the last 20 years. Blended, shared, enjoyed, tweaked, blended, shared, enjoyed, tweaked, – you get the idea. Finally their sauce has been perfected with a combination of 24 ingredients:

     Tomato sauce
     Tomato Paste
     Apple Vinegar
     Olive oil
     Brown sugar
     Worcestershire sauce
     Soy sauce
     Balsamic vinegar
     Vermont maple syrup (of course, gotta have it!)
     Hickory liquid smoke
     and a proprietary blend of herbs and spices
Upon opening a jar of Vermont Peace Sauce you will see and smell fresh herbs such as rosemary. Your mouth will start to water and that’s okay! Have a taste before you marinade your favorite barbeque feast.
We enjoyed our Vermont Peace Sauce on pork chops. We marinated the chops for just 2 hours before they hit the grill and they were great! The sauce brought sweet, smoky, rich and fresh flavors all together. What a delicious dinner!
Jade & Shannon are hosting a giveaway!! See the details below!
Good luck!

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