My blog is a great excuse to have cupcakes for breakfast. My 4 year – old agrees. As I set up our cupcakes adorned with sprinkles and a candle (for your viewing pleasure) he asked me, “Should I sing Happy Birthday?”. Sure, why not? Sing “Happy blog day!”.

Brooke McCarthy from Blissful Sweets For Your Thighs Only sent me a box of her gourmet cupcakes, made at her home in Canaan, VT.

Brooke had baked and sent me her “Vermonters Tapped Me” maple and walnut cupcakes. The cupcakes came unfrosted (they travel better this way) and so I was able to try my hand at making beautiful cupcakes. I envisioned myself dazzling my household with perfectly frosted cupcakes. Let me tell you….. it’s not as easy as it looks on tv! But who wants perfectly pretty frosting anyway?

The maple and walnut cupcakes were flavorful and moist. The maple butter cream frosting added just the right amount of sweetness. I could have easily eaten both the cupcake or the frosting on their own as they were both delicious. Together they made a uniquely flavored cupcake ready for an occasion.

I can think of 100 people in my life that would be thrilled to find Brooke’s cupcakes in their mailbox. How many can you think of? A friend who just had a new baby. A grandparent who made sweets for me for years. A favorite teacher. Young nieces and nephews. Someone recovering in the hospital. My mom believes that it’s nice to treat your favorite hair dresser. And don’t forget that Grandparent’s Day is coming up (September 9th).

I want to quote what Brooke told me in a recent conversation, as I find it inspiring! “This is my passion (besides my kids and my dogs lol) and I have a dream of owning a small shop that offers a variety of goodies and coffees. To me it’s a big dream for a (now) small town girl. To make my children proud of their mother and for them to see that you have to really work your butt off to get what you want out of life. That nothing is just handed to you. I’m doing it for our children as well. In hopes that they will learn that they can build their dream and still have a successful family life. That our daughters will see that you can do anything, whether it be a mother, wife, business woman or even President (this is our oldest daughters dream). And that our son will learn how to be a supportive and encouraging man like his Daddy. It’s amazing how much my little, tiny business has taught me…so much more than just how to sell cupcakes.”

Brooke is offering a 15% off coupon code to Try Vermont First readers. Simple enter the code BLISSFUL15 at checkout! Thanks Brooke! Happy shopping everyone! This offer is good until September 10th. Locals… Brooke is also offering 1/2 off her delivery charge if you live within 30 miles of her home/bakery.

PS: Brooke’s favorite is her Triple Salted Caramel, sounds delicious, right?



3 thoughts on “Cupcakes!!

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  3. I went to high school with Brooke! Her Facebook album with all her treats in it sure makes my mouth water;) I may have to try the coupon code! How fun to see a “hometown girl come full circle”;)

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    On Aug 13, 2012,

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