Yolo Snacks – Reviewed with help & a giveaway!

My extended family was excited when they saw me come to a birthday party carrying bags of Yolo Snacks. I told the family that I would need their help in sampling four different flavors of  popcorn. They all happily held out their plates.

The four flavors that we sampled were: Pure Maple, Cheese, Hot Chocolate, and Original (which we named “Herbie” because it’s because it boasts “A unique marriage of herbs, buttermilk, and sea salt”).

The first to go was the cheese popcorn. I blame the kids. They are attracted to anything labeled to have sharp Vermont cheddar! Everyone agreed that the cheese popcorn was an easy favorite.

Being that half of the crowd was from Vermont, and the other half was always happy to sample anything with Vermont’s liquid gold, the maple popcorn was high on everyone’s list. There was one sampler in particular who grabbed handful after handful, and soon the bag was gone.

“Herbie” was my favorite popcorn in the bunch. Y-U-M! It was perfectly salty and delivered the “big flavor” that is promised on the bag. I would like to call this grown up, sophisticated popcorn, but the kids liked it too. This popcorn made every single person a bit happier and got rave reviews all around.

The hot chocolate popcorn initially had mixed reviews. Every person at the party who was on the fence about the hot chocolate popcorn soon asked for a 2nd, and a 3rd taste. I think that everyone’s taste buds were surprised to have such a blend of flavors. Salty popcorn with a rich chocolate that has been spiced with ancho chile and cayenne. These flavors will intrigue you. You might consider pairing this popcorn is a glass of red wine.

The Yolo guys created their company’s name, an acronym, from the phrase “you only live once”. What a great philosophy! We are thrilled that they are sharing their talent to make great popcorn with us! If you are looking for a whole grain, well made, and even Gluten free snack we hope that you will search for Yolo Snacks!

Thank you to the guys at Yolo Snacks for helping our readers to Try Vermont First! Please enter our giveaway below!

Happy snacking!


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