Lessons from my 4 year old.

Tonight while I was making dinner my 4 year old told me that he was “playing Try Vermont First”. I looked to find the couch cushions askew and in a pile. He told me that his Vermont products were on “that side” and he had to climb the mountain to get to them. What Vermont products? Onions. When I asked him what his favorite Vermont product was he chuckled and said “Maple Syrup” (duh Mom!).

I began to over think why my son would invent this game.

Am I blogging too much? So much so that my son invents a game about my blog in order to play with me. Probably not.

Am I talking about the blog so much that my son has it on his mind as well? Possibly. I do talk about the blog a lot. I tell the story of why I started the blog and what changes I have made to support Vermont companies. My nieces and nephews have non stop questions about the blog. My son is happy to tell them about the products he loves. Surprisingly my family is much harder to convince to try new products than my friends, neighbors, and strangers.

Is my 4 year old learning a lesson in social responsibility through my blogging? I think so! He knows a lot about healthy eating and making good choices. He is excited to see Vermont products in our local store and browsing the Farmer’s Market for new products is as fun for him as it is for me.

I think that I am doing right by my son. I think that he will take what he is learning from my “bog” and continue to support Vermont companies.

Thank you to my son who inspired these thoughts and this blog post. This Mama better get some sleep… the little ones are expecting French Toast in the morning. Made with Vermont bread, milk, eggs, and syrup, of course!

♥ to the best boy ever.



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