Mayhue Mix Review & Giveaway

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This post is dedicated to my sister, who I lovingly thought of while I enjoyed this Vermont made snack!

When I think of a traditional Chex Mix I think of Christmas at my mom’s house, late night snacks in college, and of course my sister. When I think of a way to make the traditional even better I think of Mayhue Mix!

Jenn Whitby made it her job to carefully watch her father as he created the sauce that made his family’s favorite mix that much more special. She wrote down exactly what she saw and now creates “Dad’s Secret…Family Tradition”.

In this mix you will find:

– Crispy Wheat, Rice & Corn Cereal
– Salty Pretzels
– Crunchy GoldFish
– Savory Cashews
– Nutty Peanuts
– Cheesy Cheez-its
and of course Dad’s special sauce.

The mix is mouth watering! Take one bite, need another. Repeat, repeat, repeat! I am known to be the pickiest member of the family and typically I would pick through a mix and just find my favorites. With this mix I grabbed handfuls to enjoy. The special sauce made each bite different and a bit better than the last. The goldfish are a nice touch and pair well with the cheesy crackers and pretzels. I was nervous to show my husband the mix as I knew that once he spotted it he would have a hard time not eating the whole bag.

Mayhue Mix is a fast growing company. They began just 10 months ago and their snack is now distributed across Vermont and New Hampshire. They are further proof that our eating standards are changing. We are looking for locally made, great tasting food with little preservatives. I have said it before and I will say it again…. when I am at the store and debating what to buy it comes down to where my hard earned money will go… to a “neighbor” making quality products, or a mega corporation set on making food fast, not well.

Enter below to WIN a bag of Mayhue Mix for yourself! Thank you to Jenn for sharing your Dad’s mix with us and Try Vermont First readers!

Best of luck (to both readers and this new company!),


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