Pasta night…. with meatballs!

This giveaway is now closed, but please enjoy reading our review!


Recently my 4 year old wrote that his favorite dinner was “Pasta night”. Daddy & I agree! Pasta with meatballs is filling and wholesome and fun!

A few months ago I picked up a bag of Bove’s Italian Style Meatballs from my local Shaw’s and now I am hooked! On any given day you will find a bag (or 2) of Bove’s meatballs in my freezer. Of course they pair perfectly with pasta, but they are also great to top pizza or use in a lasagna. Bove’s meatballs are made by hand right here in Vermont using the finest ingredients they can find. I have eaten more (Bove’s) meatballs in the last few months than I have eaten in my whole life. I am crazy about them!

This Sunday night we added Bove’s Basil sauce to our pasta. This smooth and flavorful sauce will not disappoint. The sweet smells of basil and garlic hit you as soon as you open the jar. I was tempted to lick the jar cover! We all had a second bowl of pasta and left the table very full and completely satisfied.

Bove’s sauces have won a lot of awards! Cooking Light Magazine’s “One of the Best Basil Sauces in the country”, Real Simple magazine said their Roasted Garlic sauce is “One of the best tasting garlic sauces in the country.” Find Bove’s sauces in your local grocery store, or order online!

Keep Bove’s meatballs and sauce on hand in your freezer and pantry and have dinner ready in under 10 minutes!

Thank you Mark Bove for offering to host a giveaway for Try Vermont First readers! Enter below to WIN a jar of Bove’s sauce!

Happy pasta night,


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