From the Ground Up ~ review & giveaway!

This giveaway is now closed, but please enjoy reading our review!


I know many people who follow a gluten free diet.  Most have only been encouraged to do so by a doctor (or family or friend), and not diagnosed with Celiac disease. Following this diet can put an end to that constant, unexplained, upset stomach. Gluten can be found in most breads, crackers, cereals, baked goods; as well as unexpected things like toothpaste! Abby Knapp and Matt Tucker started From the Ground Up Bakery 3 years ago with a goal to “create nutrition and safe gluten free products for those with and without gluten sensitivities”. They not only grind all of their own grains, but they have partnered with local farmers to grow buckwheat and millet.

From the Ground Up has a wide variety of ingredients and mixes to meet your needs. We recently made pancakes with their pancake/waffle mix. These whole grain pancakes are made with sorghum flour (VT grown), buckwheat flour, and millet flour. We added blueberries to our pancakes and they were delicious! I hosted a pancake lunch for my son and his friends and the children surprised me with a first…. the first time they were ever full before their plates were empty! I snacked on a half of a pancake and agreed that I was left very satisfied and happy!

We were also happy to sample the Rosemary & Garlic Crackers. They had a deep earthy taste with just the right amount of salt and garlic. They were light yet wholesome! Abby shared with me that they are working on more tasty crackers, including a toasted sesame version.

From The Ground Up Bakery offers baking and informational classes as well. On their calendar I noted an upcoming class on baking gluten free pizza with your kids. On their website you can join a Gluten Free Community Forum as well.

If you and your family have eliminated gluten from your diet (or if you are interested in really yummy food!) check out From The Ground Up Bakery for well made, hand crafted, and flavorsome baked goods, treats, and more! Enter below to win a few of these items!



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