Staying True (Giveaway!!)

This giveaway is now closed, but please enjoy reading our review!

My review of True Body Soap is going to be simple, because True Body Soap is simple, and it leaves you simply clean. Your body is not caked with soap residue or smelling like a perfume bottle. True Body Soap forms a thick and rich lather. Your body is left feeling moisturized and refreshed. After using True Body Soap my skin never felt tight or dry.

I have a confession to make for my mother. She tends to watch and buy from infomercials. Recently I got trapped into watching an infomercial for soap. The host was pretty convincing, but the reality is that the products they were selling were full of unnecessary ingredients and chemicals. Not to mention the outrageous prices! Mom, please find True Body Soap near you! It’s important to find well made products that nourish our skin. It’s nice to support our neighbors too!

Read my recent interview with True Body Soap founder and CEO Janice Shade on Mama Says!

True Body Soap is hoping that you are ready to Try Vermont First.  They are hosting a great giveaway this month and I’ve listed the details below!

Thank you True Body Soap, not just for the giveaway, but for making such fabulous soap! My skin thanks you!



5 thoughts on “Staying True (Giveaway!!)

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  2. Hi Honi! So glad to hear you’re well. I’m thrilled you’re reviewing goodies from good old Vermont! There are great things happening in this fine state and I’m happy you’re sharing it with the world!
    Wishing you and yours all the best,

  3. I LOVE True body soap, it’s great for myself and the kids and I have given it to my brother because he’s allergic to everything and he loves it too! Great product!

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